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Lord, Lord Please

“Not everyone who calls out to me, �Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter.”

— Matthew 7:21 NLT


Many are not going to make it. The question is, who?  Just because they call His nAme does not mean they have His ear.  You have to be broken and contrite to reach the ear of our Lord.  We need to stop telling people that God hears everyone’s prayers, because He doesn’t.   The King doesn’t let everyone approach the throne.  Though God is benevolent.  He does not see all people when they seem it necessary.  The script says His people must turn from their wicked ways, and then He would hear from Heaven and heal their lands.  We must be turned completely from this world to get audience with the Lord.  You cannot make it in doing things that keep you out.  He will not let His love get in the way of righteous judgement of our Lord.  Punishment will be dished out to all who thought it was easy to stay on the fence.

There is no comfort being double minded.  You and I have to make a decision right now.  Will we serve the Lord with gladness in our hearts, or will we deny Him before men?

Everyone who goes to a church will not enter into that Eternal Rest.  The Lord does not cover foolishness.  He distances Himself from son and shame.  You will not find God in the middle of a messed up situation.  If God is there, peace will soon follow.  So, don’t feel bad because many will not follow Christ.   They will loose their Spot in God’s Heaven.  

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You did Receive Him?

Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God– children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

— John 1:12-13 NIV


What makes people think they are not grafted into the family of God through His faithful son Abraham, and by the way of the Blood of the Lamb, is terrifying to me.  How we deny the heritage of Christ to make Him of Himself.  To take Him out of the Blood line of promise to cause another family to be established.  They call this family Christian.  Yet, we have the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  So, how can we be a separate line from the promised line God set up through His faithful servant Abraham?  I know that most people don’t think like this, I do. I have to remind us that we a descendants of the family of Abraham, ei, the sons of Hebrews, and Jews through Christ.  We do not have to have the direct blood of our Faith Father to be in this family, we have Christ,  we have Yeshua.  I am no longer denied the right I have received of the Lord is through the shed blood of the Lamb of God.  I am received into this family that now I love.  I think it is terrible for an ADOPTED child to search for parents who didn’t do right by them just for a sense of identity.  When those adoptive parents loved you and took you in when you had no one.  It is a silent but deadly slap in the face.  They may not mean any harm by it and the adoptive parents might encourage it.  I just know I would be wounded a bit.  God is our true Creator, He didn’t abandon us.  We left His care, we ran away and denied the family connection.  So, He gives us another opportunity to be in the line of faith and love.

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 Righteous Sheild

For You, O LORD, will bless the righteous;

With favor You will surround him as with a shield.

— Psalm 5:12 NKJV


Your righteous, your protected from harm.  When you build a shield wall, it requires every soldier to put his life in place of the one he protects.  The Father covers you with His everlasting shield.  He placed His Angels around you, so that you will not be harmed. You might say that you do not feel protected.  If you are expecting Him to shield your flesh over your soul.  The Lord knows that flesh will help when it is hurt, because, it always feels battered and bruised.  What we need the Lord to shield is our soul’s realm.  He will guard your heart and mind, those whoe minds are stayed upon Him.   You have to be right to be protected by the Lord.  He protects the humble and sometimes fools, because they don’t know better.  Those who are set in their ways must turn from the way of wickedness, then God will protect them in righteousness. 

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More Happy Because of Hope.

I pray that the God who gives hope will fill you with much joy and peace as you trust in him. Then you will have more and more hope, and it will flow out of you by the power of the Holy Spirit.

— Romans 15:13


Having your hope acknowledged, should make you a happy person.  That means what you hope for in the faith, God is careful to take care of you.

No matter our situations, we have to apply faith and trust that the Lord does not fail. Hope beyond my circumstances.  I need that as I talk to you through this blog.  We all have our hope deferred almost daily.  We wait for something to come that should be our.  It Is a shame you must have faith that it will be released, when it should not have been held up.  Thank the Lord for His concerns towards us.  He has done it before for me in such a miraculous way.  I have no doubt He shall favor me again.  That I trust for sure.  Dare I say it, even if what I hope for right now doesn’t come, I will still rely on the Lord Jehovah my provider. 

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Declare The Power of God.

Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, my Godtill I declare your power to the next generation,

your mighty acts to all who are to come.

— Psalm 71:18 NIV


Don’t give up even in your old age.  Tell the generations to come about the magnificent power of the Lord God.  Even when they do not want to hear it.  Tell them anyway.  Do not let things slip from your view, when you have a way of connecting and warning our youth before it is to late.  Make sure your voice has been heard.  Don’t leave this world without making a mark on the lives and minds of our next generation.

They are not hearing with Spiritual ears.  They have gone deaf to anything that is not designed with the latest best or that has sex appeal.  If it doesn’t appeal to their appetite they will not have the ears or heart to take notice.  We will suffer great losses before people will have ears that hear, and hearts that desire to please and Serve the Lord.

In want to affect the minds and hearts of all who will listen.  I have raised my children to respect and honor the Lord in their lives.  When they are older, I Do not expect them to abandon all that I have shown them just to lay around the house and be poppers.   We did have elders who were concerned cor oir well-being.   Not only on the Spiritual side, but in our day to day actions.  They wanted us to learn and be good stewards and citizens of the Kingdom of God on earth.  They told about how to live right and they made sure we had the baptism of the Holy Ghost, with the evidence of speaking in unknown tongues.  We do not seem to cherish these traditions to holy living.   We let the children raose themselves and they are not mature enough to handle so seriousness.

If we are under His prptection, He will not cause us to be embarrassed, He supplies of what it I that we have asked Him for.  He is not short with His Word.

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Be Happy Anyway

Be happy because of the hope you have. Be patient when you have troubles. Pray all the time.

— Romans 12:12 ERV


Be strong in the power of His might.

3 things He wants us to do.  Not attempt to do, but actually get it done.

1.  Be Happy.

We are sad, mad and argumentative people.  We take everything that is said to heart, not realizing who it is that s making the comment.  We can not be happy because we expect someone else to make us happy.  There is our problem.  It is not my wife’s responsibility to make me happy.  The Word doesn’t give us the excuse of who doesn’t make us happy we can be mad with.  He just says, be happy.  Do the hard thing first, instead of looking for the easy route.   The joy of the Lord, is your strength.  You get joy when you think about all He has done for you.  That’s the reason for shouting praise.  Be Happy regardless.  After a great loss,  find not for your mourning.  Because it is not easy to maintain a sincere joy for long periods of time. 

2. Be Patient.

He dos not want you to be a patient on a hospital bed begging for a second opportunity.  People assume there is an infinity of second chances.  Let me say this. God forgives, but I need for you to truly get this. This salvation is a one time opportunity.  There is no constant and forever chances to turn from our wickedness.   Troubles come for two reasons.  One is because we produce it through disobedience to His spoken and revealed Word. 

The other, is like a God showing you off moment.  Like that of Job.  Because e have been obedient and He honors is by the trial or test, but never a temtpation.

3. Pray.

All this so He can contact you.  That is all our Heavenly Father wants.  To be involved in our day to day life.  Stuff happens because we Do not seek the wisdom of the Lord.  As a parent, I will not give instructions to my grown children until they seek and ask for it.  When they have troubles, and they sorry themselves to death trying to survive stuff that God has already shown me how to get through.  It is because we are to secretive and wanting to hide ourselves like Adam and Eve.  God already knows it’s hard.  He wants your attention so that He can instruct.  If you do not approach the throne of Grace, I hate to inform you, you might just be dealing with the Mercies of God.  Even though it is new in the mornings, it still.can have a stinging process about it.  Mercy twists our arms and shows the Lord’s plan by shoving and pushing us to pray, to communicate.  If a wounded soldier is in the dirt and his rescuers are passing him over, he might want to tell our his position.

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That Cursed Tongue.

King James Bible

Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.  Jm. 3 10


I was speaking to a client about the loss of all the males in her family.   She asked me the  question,  and I felt compelled to preach.  She thought that her family was under a curse.  I told her about the enemies assignment in mankind, and she wanted to know how to remove it.  The story of Job came up.

I know this Scripture is referring to those of us who have bad mouths.  I believe we curse our blessings by being full of negativity.  Instead of being full of love, we harbor dislike for the Spiritually helpless.  We assume others should have it by now.  When it is us who need to get a better grip.

We excuse ourselves when we are angry.  Not knowing we bring a curse upon ourselves because we do know better.  To know to do good, and dont, is sin.

We use derogatory language to prove our anger.  It is the same as an animal whiff flares it’s nostrils and growls at an opponent.   In our pure display, is our curse.  Knowing we should put trespasses aside, because of our own.  We do not.  Let me say that satan gives stuff to.  Its not a blessing when it drives you insane.  When you bite off more than you can chew.   We have to stop and look up, search in the Spiritual Realm for the presence of the Almighty, so we do not slip into self before Him.  God knows we are human, so stop with the excuse as to why we use the language that persecuted us.  There is no excuse for letting sin and shame come so far.

Let’s restart our faith and trust, let’s stay in the battle and Stan on principles that are solid and true.  Let us not be the type to bless and curse.  Let us hold fast to speaking good.  To ourselves and to the world.

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Be Smooth, but Harmless.

Listen! I am sending you, and you will be like sheep among wolves. So be smart like snakes. But also be like doves and don’t hurt anyone.”

— Matthew 10:16 ERV


This is a hard task for a true believer, but it seems easy to those who know how to switch their attitudes.   He is telling you to be cunning as a snake, not evil as the devil.  Do not harm and be gentle as a dove.  It is hard to be on and active.  That is, to make sure you think deeper then what is in front of you.  Cunning is the persuasive nature of the snake.  Sneaking up and getting next to it’s prey without causing them to run off.

Believers must be as smooth in their approach.  Not because those in who we are attempting to reach for Christ are unlearned but they simply can see you and hear you rattling before you come.  If you are praising God just to make it up a flight of stairs, those in whom you are trying to reach, will automatically start their escape route.  Here comes Uncle Mike, you know he is going to try to save us again today.  They are already armoured up against you.  Be better at winning souls to the Lord.  Be commanding but in a subtle way.  I know that is asking for two different cycles on the washing machine at once,but they have built a machine that can perform it.  God has given you ability to reach in and selectively touch the right heart that is waiting for true salvation.

People need something to believe in.  It is our job to give them Jesus Christ.   He will bring them to the Father when He has washed them clean.  We cannot make people clean and ready for the Father.  It is hard enough to stay presentable ourselves.  A snake crawls up, God doesn’t want you in the thick of mockery and the sludge of deceit just to reach a soul.  Use your beautiful Wings and soar.  Rise above the corrosion of life.  Be seen in your White and untouched by the filth and deluge of life.  It’s Ok if your Wings are not there, the angels will bare you up.  

Snakes are on the ground for the most part.   It is their curse.  Yet, in the garden, he was in a some what high place in the branches that caused her to look upward.   A HEAD held down cannot see it’s way clear.   Cause those in whom you reach to look up, not to you, but past you where the Lord is.

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Wrestlers of Prayer

King James Bible

Epaphras, who is one of you, a servant of Christ, saluteth you, always labouring fervently for you in prayers, that ye may stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.Col 4: 12


If you haven’t come from your secret place worn out, your not wrestling enough for the blessings of prayer to come through with an answer.   I am saying this to all of us.  If prayer works in our lives we should be worn out after it.  The Spirit should have drank up the nectar from fresh prayer that is being poured out.

Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord until he was blessed.  I know that is not about prayer life.  But, there was a request granted afterwards.  Prayer is a request that is being asked by you of the Lord.  We know the Lord is no short of His Word.  He will perform that which we ask in the name of the Son of God.

I believe we have to wrestle at times to get what we need from the Lord, because it shows is how to be earnest and pursuant of God’s way.  He answers by and by, because of our prayer life not being steady and sure.  Our requests are not focused upon His perfect will.  We want what we see and not what He wants for us.  We ask and donor get because of our misdirected prayers.

This man of God works closely with the Apostle and knows how to seek the favor of God concerning others.  We pray hard for ourselves and just enough to count for others.  It should be turned around.  We should pray a little for us and desperately for everyone else.  Christ said it in His prayer.  Not what I want Father, but your will be done.  All of that so we may walk up right and not bent over from the weight of everything we must hate.  If we See to the work of God being completed and have an earnest prayer life for others.  Then the Lord can scratch us our a parcel of blessing that there is no where we could hide it.   If you hit the lottery, know it’s not God blessing, it was just your numbers came up, but the state will want to have proof  that you are the winner.  They will take pictures and do interviews about your new found money.  So, if they can’t let you slide by eith5the slim winnings,  the blessings of God are residual and everlasting and plentiful.  You can not hide God blessing you.  Dont even try it.

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Court Hogs

For I know the vast number of your sins and the depth of your rebellions. You oppress good people by taking bribe of and deprive the poor of justice in the courts.

— Amos 5:12 NLT


It is funny how people say they love God and love you, but the minute they fall and hurt themselves in the house ofor God, they sue.

If you have a problem with your brother’s and sister’s.  You are instructed to take it to the church governing body that you both attend.  It is bad when children of God live life based upon the systems that surround them.  We do not follow the Law of God’s Word as intended.  We live our lives in the shadows of death, in fear, and greed.

There are people who know how to cheat you and I out of thousands of dollars.  They hurry to sue you based upon the court systems law.  Have you ever moved from a home and left it in pristine condition?  Only to have the landlord throw accusations and take false images to show the court of law, so they could try and take even more of the money you do not have?

Years ago when my 3 oldest girls were younger.  My wife and I was attending a funeral procession of one of our baby cousins who had suddenly died.  While we were traveling to the barial sight to finish the services.  We were left in the middle of an intersection, because our procession was extremely long.  A car came barreling across the intersection and smashed into us turning our little vehicle 360 degrees.  We had to take my wife to the hospital for head truama.  My daughter’s where fine in the back of the car, especially with out seat belts.   It was as if the Lord had kept them in the seat and only caused them to slide from one side to the other.

Once all the excitement had died down and my wife was back home safely.  We received a summons to appear in court a month later.   The lady who hit us, was suing us.  When I went to court my wife asked me if I thought we should have a lawyer present, and I told her no.  Not really knowing what would transpire that day.

When I walked in and came to the front of the courtroom.  I saw 3 people on the other side against me.  The lady had gotten the officer, the guys car that she hit to go against us.   As the procedures began,  the lady explained her side and pointed a true me and said words that I could not longer hear,  due to that he fact,  I was just praying in my mind and waiting for what was to come next.

Once the judge asked my comment.  I began to share with him why we were in the intersection.  That we were going to bury our baby niece.  The judge stopped me right that he here and did said, “let me get this straight”, you were in a funeral procession and this lady came up and hit you?  I said yes sir.  He asked her what she saw, and she said she didn’t see me because she thought that the car in front of her was broken down.  She was already on a hill going upward and she decided to go around the car sitting at the corner.  That is when she smashed into us.

The judged looked at me and said, he was sorry for my loss.  He looked at the lady and said to her, that she should have seen the procession, and that it was and shame to come in here and sue this young man after the loss of a close relative.  Mr. Craddock, you are free to go, case dismissed.  He told the lady that it was are unwritten law that we respect the dead, and we pull over.  As I left court, I was indeed thankful to God for His help.  The lady who I found out was supposed to be a traveling evangelist, was left cursing at me, as the judge was striking his desk threatening her with contempt.

I have shared that story before, and every time I have to be even more grateful to the Lord for keeping us through it all.  That is the results hear, God is revealing what is going on in this Scripture through His prophet.  Mostly because, He will put an end to those money grabbers.  Even those in His house.  Who take churches to court suing for flamboyant and frivilous suits just to cash in.  Especially the preacher’s and teacher’s who know the Law of God’s Word.