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Self Dignity.

Older men are to be sober-minded, dignified, self-controlled, sound in faith, in love, and in steadfastness.

— Titus 2:2


Note:  I’m building men who have integrity and dignity.  I can not support those who do not look to God for direction.  I understand that we all have a place we are coming from.  That we might be working on conditions that we do not always have charge over.  My thing is, that we should have something that can be built upon.  Your just not a bad kid, there has to be a drop of good in your marrow.  I build upon that, the minute I know you can do it.  I do not give you an excuse for walking away from the true heart of who you are.  That should be instilled within all believers.   Nothing gets in the way of truth you walk on.  Not even personal frustrations.  Christ could do it, you can do it.

Who you are will be seen, good or bad.  Many people get the wrong impression of you from first glance, especially if they do not get to know you personally.  That is how you develop a kid style of integrity, and that give you dignity.  Your walk changes and how you commune with others change.  The man or woman you are supposed to be comes out and stands in the front.

If we who are older in the faith donor display these qualities, we cannot lead another man in life.  Young men today refuse to now their understanding to follow after what you say, if you are not trusted by them.  We have to be trusted by our strong young men, before they can listen to what you have to offer.  How does your way benefit theirs, that they should listen to you?  What son bring to a young man’s mind that gives him pause?

Look closer at those 6 themes that we should display as elders among the men.  Get a clear precise understanding that we must give off these gives before anyone can lean to what we are saying.  We cannot get their attention talking and acting like they do.  They may already have that type of brother who is tough on them.  They don’t want two men chewing them out for every thing they go to do.  God hasn’t chewed us out for every missed opportunity to present ourselves in these characteristics.

I don’t presume to know the mindset of today’s young men.  I’m just going from the young men I am currently raising and have brought up.  I can only preach so much, but they have heard me, they do know what I expect from them as men and how they are to carry themselves.  I get disappointed when I see them outside the character and integrity that I have raised them to be.  Like God, I turn away from evil and shun those who choose to walk unrighteously.  They seem to know what I feel and how I expect them to return to who I know they are inside.

There is deep integrity that produces dignity.

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Shaking Heaven and Earth.

Shaking Heaven and Earth.

“Once again I will shake the earth, but I will also shake heaven.”

— Hebrews 12:26 ERV

Note:  what does He have to do more to get man’s attention?  What end do you expect that is different than what God planned?  If He thinks to shake all Hea an and Earth, who can stop Him?

We thought in 2017 we dealt with devastating natural desasters, and by human beings limitations, we did by all means.  The destructive nature of the earth normal functions are extremely violent towards creation in general.

So, do we need to have the Lord rumble in the jungle for us to come to grips and understand He Has All Power?  What has me baffled is the audacity of scientist and men who feel they have the ability to control the heavens, to control the power of creation by setting things in motion through minerals and synthetic material they have created to start the weather patterns going haywire.  Whoe to say that they hadn’t already started to years ago in the 50’s?  I’m certain they have played with this power before trying to harness the world’s weather patterns, and I am sure they have caused many destructive situations upon humankind because of their desire to be the creator instead of the created.

God will step in and confound their wisdom as He did in Nimrods time.  He waited until the tower was too high for them to control with their limited status, then He came in and caused confusion.   The problem with coming into unity as a people, is that we can come together on the wrong things and run all the way to our own devastation, and embarrassment.

Who walk around that tower after the great day of confusion?  Who hung around still having the desire to work on it but couldn’t?  Many times we want to work on something that God moved Heaven and Earth to fix His way.  Yet, no one has moved to find out what they unjustly killed the Nazerene. 

It will hurt when the Lord comes to take His place upon the throne of this Earth and all Creation.  He is not some strsnge alien we conjured up.  He is the one who made all living things, we know of and do not know of, it all belongs to Him.  It will hurt when He shakes it all again.

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 Willing To Work.

2 Thessalonians 3:10  For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.

Note: You can’t expect to have a full plate, if you aren’t willing to work for what you want to eat.  There are to many folk sitting around collecting extra off the hard work of another.  Then they want to be upset because the Lord favors those who our their foot to the plow.  Those who dig into the soil and turn it so that it can be planted.  It is selfish to sit in the house with the ability to do the job, but wait on someone else to feed you.  God will not have men in His house who have not learned the concept of working to earn his way.  It is not the wife’s job to bring in the bacon and fry it up in the pan too.  A man doesn’t sit on His wife’s hard work and demand to be served as well.  That is not Godly.  A man provides to the best if his ability, and he doesnt give excuses as to why he cannot supply what the family has need of.

If you do have a spouse that works, that is a blessed man.  When your wife goes out to gather and bring in to put with what you have gathered, that makes for a strong family, but God demands a man work for what he eats and not just stake his claim a d usurp his position of power.

Only a woman has the right to lay up and rest, especially after birth. A man must provide, He has to find work he can excell at.  Something that doesn’t belittle his manhood. All men must put their hands on something they make to fully develop their all around skill sets.

That is why a thinking ma needs a hobby to tinker with, so that he is fully rounded as a man who creates.  If there are no lmjovs in your field of study.  Go fix something, become a man of means and not one sitting around demanding attention, but not applying himself.  There is always something you can fix,  even if you know very little.

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The Order of Firstfruits.

King James Bible

But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming.

Note:  First Christ is the the seed of redemption that God planted upon the earth.  He is the one to rise up in victory against the enemy.  Then those who were with Him whether directly or indirectly.   This order is the procession of Christ as we follow the King into Eternity.  We are the fruit of His labor and we must present ourselves like the Sons of God do in Heaven, to be inspected.   We must bring our fruit to Christ that He may stamp His approval upon the lives of all believers and sanction them Holy unto the Lord God, and ready for the Masters use.

First fruits of all our labor in the Kingdom of God.  That truly means we must be the example of good living, that others may make their final decision to follow after Christ.  It will be because we have either shown the love of God, or that we kept a piece of ourselves in place and led them to the slaughter. 

It is about planting the seed of truth and love within the hearts of non believers.  Giving them something to look forward to as they make their way behind the shrubs onto the straight and narrow pathway that leads to Life Eternal.  

We must be careful to make sure it is not our fault that others stay away from the faith, or leave the faith.  That would also count against us in judgement.  Many of us may have been to court at least once in our lives.  We know what a verdict is when the judge lays down the gavel and charges us with the offense. 

So We all shall see the final judge.  I pray that my good out weighs my bad.

In closing.  

You and I must realize that everyone is a fruit potential.  Whether it is our family, friends, or even someone we do not know.  We shall be questioned for the inventory of our hearts in the end.  Where is my fruit?  I pray that they have remained in the faith.   So make your testimonies strong and convincing enough that it actually marks a soul for Eternal Life in Christ.  Otherwise, why do all this for the best spot at the lake.

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Declared Right Through Christ

​Without Christ, you are not right.

Brothers, listen! We are here to proclaim that through this man Jesus there is forgiveness for your sins. Everyone who believes in him is declared right with God—something the law of Moses could never do.

— Acts 13:38-39 NLT

InsightIf we do not have the Lord Jesus Christ in our lives as the Lord and Savior.  We do not have salvation, and we are not declared right.  Only through Christ do we have roghteousness.  Without Him declaring us righteous,  we are not given the status of the righteous.

Holy, a d free are also traits we gain through redemption in Jesus Christ.  Perfection is in me I always say.  Not because I am perfect in myself, but that through the shed blood of Christ over my life makes me who I am not without Him.

The Law could only make you right as long as you followed every instruction to the letter a d not missed a thing that was required of you in order to be forgiven.  Most people could not keep a straight face when it came to the Law.  They still messed up right after they have the offering that was required.  God no longer wanted this type of servitude.  He wants free will offerings of praise and adoration.  Nor forced by requirement of the congregations services.  No more ritualistic worship that didn’t matter to a man’s heart.  God wants to reach the heart willingingly, and not by invasion of your privacy or your dominion He gave you.  

No matter what, I do not walk right into my children’s bedroom when they are 17 and up.  I respect who they are and I knock, even on my house door.  Even though God gave you the body and mind and shared His spirit with us, He doesn’t over run what He gave you. He is looking for thise willing to return what He gave with increase.

If we seek Him first, He will add into us.  Stop seeking your success and your items over seeking God’s expectations of you.  After all, we need Him, He doesn’t need us.

Jesus saved you and I because we got out of control in our private life, and it started affecting others lives.  God will not tolerate disturbance to His Kingdom.   He doesn’t care what you do to make your stuff look good and attract people, but do not confuse His silence with permission.  God has a directive for His children.  We need to find our place and let Christ be Lord of our individual lives.  Do not separate yourself from salvation, because it is the only thing that is in place to keep the Law from punishing us.

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Living Testimony

I will live and not die, and I will tell what the LORD has done.

— Psalm 118:17 ERV


If your going to die, why not use your life in service of the Lord?  Testify of all that He has done in your life.   Share the good news of the Gospel of Christ Jesus.  Life has an end to it attached.  We all will meet our proverbial maker.  The Creator of all living things.  So, why not be a living testimony for the great things that God has supplied to the children of God?

Every breath counts.  We must tell those we come in contact with.  That the Lord not only loves them, but that there is a greater purpose for their life in Him.  We must stop living life as if we are thrill seekers of excitement and live excited about the Lord and His divine love.

We love to be on the edge of our seats.  Whether it is because if a nail biting tv serues, or in the secured seat of a roller coaster.  We sit in anticipation of having our breath shaken, our blood pressure rises and we feel the adrenalin that comes with the thrill seekers life.  What of the Lord God?  How does He fit in our exciting life.  We want others to bring the heat and excitement, but we have nothing to bring ourselves.  We want the preacher and the worshiped to thrill us with the anointing, but we do not anticipate being the fire starter ourselves.

Are you living yet, or are you laying in a dormant dead status in your life?  Who should stun you to your feet?  Will a new Word brought forth by the man or woman of God excite you to life?  This should be a collective effort.  We should all put in to the pot, if we want to receive of the Lord individually.   

We all need to live like we are dying.  Then maybe we will feel apart of what the Lord is doing, may be we will become excited about the little moves of God we do get to see.  The Lord is not here to please us, we are here for His pleasure.  He will give you what you ask Him for, but He will not always excite you when blessing you.  It pleased the Lord to bruise Him.  What will we deal with to please the Lord God?  How much will it hurt us physically?

God fixed sin by sending His Son.  Abraham fixed faith in God by bringing his son.  What are we giving out of our resources to please the Lord?  We ask for so much, but we give so little in exchange.

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Redemptive Value

For you know that God paid a ransom to save you from the empty life you inherited from your ancestors. And it was not paid with mere gold or silver, which lose their value. It was the precious blood of Christ, the sinless, spotless Lamb of God.

— I Peter 1:18-19 NLT

Note:  It took the spilled blood of the Lamb, tonnage our worthless lives.  When we inherited the mess if life through our fallen nature.  God sends His only begotten Son to redeem the lost.  To revive those who have given up and given in to the Lord of the devil.  He has sent His Son to restore what man has allowed to break our relations with our Heavenly Father and Creator. 

There must be something valuable in the living that .ca. still make a difference to the world that God would invest so much of Himself.  

You might be asking who actually kidnapped man?  The devil has kidnapped man, by our own curiosity.  We followed another voice in the confusion.  Even though there wasn’t a lot of chatter going on in the garden, man still got turned around and tricked out of what was rightfully his by the lying tongue of the serpent.

What amazes me, is that many of us do not see ourselves as captive.   We seem to have the concept of freedom based upon our free will to make decisions for ourselves, not seeing that the enemy has persuaded us to turn from our God in various slighted ways.  We assume we have full control of our minds and all our faculties, but there are two masters to serve, and if we are not serving the Lord l, then the only master left conserve is the enemy of God.  Even if men assume that they do not serve the Lord or the devil, they are serving the enemy unaware.  Maybe even, they might be giving themselves over to good natured thinking, but without that confession of Christ as Lord.  They are serving self which actually serves the enemy if God.

We don’t know that we are a slave to sin, until it has been revealed to us.  We are not looking for the truth about who We are until we admit our lives are messed up in our hands.  Many do not come to thus ever, and that is why they continue with life as they see it, because they do not admit they are in a flux or loop of failed events after another.  They point at everyone else around them who do not make sense and seem to get in their way of success.  They do not see drinking and smoking as a controlled substance.  Sexual persuasion are fornication a d sin in the eyes of God.  They can’t hear that about themselves.  They do not feel as if they are all that bad, that they need to be saved from something detrimental to their survival. 

People live their lives with the thought of, at least I m not doing this or that, or I’m not as bad as that person or this person.  I can stop any time I choose to.  My question to that person is, when do you think is the best time to stop?  When it’s all over or when you have run everyone out of your life?

That finger pointing is serious business.  They don’t see themselves as a problem or as failing anyone.

God is not about you and I going to hells fire.  He longs that all men be saved from sin.  It is the grip sin has on the hearts and minds of men that won’t let go.  This grip keeps men from fleeing free from sin or the death that comes along with it.

Gold and silver could not pay for the ransom that sin required to set us free.  Sin took our life and so it had to have a replacement.  This replacement is the Son of God our Savior who comes in right were the scene cuts and they change from the stunt man to the Star.  Honestly we are the stuntmen, and Christ is the Star, and He did the actual scene that we could not.  He went to deaths door and broke it down and saved not only us who live today, but millions who lived before us.  The Redemptive Value of our Savior and King.  The main attraction to the final story of life eternal in Christ Jesus.  Amen to that.

We will preach that one saints.

The Stunt double is a Star.

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His Voice Only

“After he has gathered his own flock, he walks ahead of them, and they follow him because they know his voice. They won’t follow a stranger; they will run from him because they don’t know his voice.”

— John 10:4-5

Who leads you around with their words?  Whose voice sings to your hearts tune?  It should be the voice of your living Father Who can draw your most intimate part of your heart.  He should be able to convince you of righteousness.  Another’s voice we will refuse to stand up and give respect to.  Only the voice of our Lord and Savior is who we stand at attention to.

If we listen to others, whose to say that they won’t abuse us and misuse our gifts and manipulate all that we believe, if their voice has permission to speak into our heart and mind.

Another you won’t follow after, but as the voice of the Lord explains every turn along the way, you and I are listening reverently.  Persuasion to turn from the right to the left must be spoken by the Lord and not the voice of men.  If God has another direction that He wants us to go into.  He won’t hesitate on His instructions.  His decisions are sure and not wavery.  We .ca  guarantee He leads with the Oracle of the Spirit in our hearts 

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Eternal Life Available.


And this is the way to have eternal life—to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth.

— John 17:3 NLT


You can live forever, if you follow the direction of the Holy Spirit.  Either way there is the availability to achieve eternity.  It is simply a matter of where you desire to belong once life has finishes and Eternity begins.  It doesnt matter hiw long it takes to get to that point.  Be glad He has chosen you to share in His Glory for all eternity. The Lord doesn’t want to see your end, He wants to establish a lengthy life even after this.

You get to have Eternal Life by knowing the Savior in the pardoning of your sins.

He pardoned you.  He gave you the escape you needed from the sin of death.  That is what the end of it all will be.  Sin produces death in us.  Life is produced by living according to the commandment of the Word of God.  To know Him means to be intimate, and personal.  Allowing Christ into your private areas in your life.  Let Him come in and sup with you for the rest of your existence.   Do not shun the presence of God because it seems hard to meet the standard.  The old saints sung a song about knowing the man from Galilee.   His name is Jesus.  Emmanuel God with us.  King of kings and Lord of lords, the great I’am, Holy one of Israel.

We really need to know who He is to us personally.  Thus is how you gain Eternal Life.  Know Him fully.  Know Him personally.

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Present Your Body

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.

— Romans 12:1 ESV

Note: we can make ourselves presentable when we want to impress others.  We can change our outward appearance when we desire to be sexual and attractive to another person, but when it comes to the Lord God and what He expects, we deny Him the right to dictate to us our approach to life.

God is in charge of what we do with our lives, because we are His sheep, His children.  He expects us to be righteous in His sight.  Not walking around here expressing ourselves in a flesh manner and expect the Lord to cover because He loves us so much.

He does, and He will forgive us for sin, but we must realize that Grace only goes so far.  After life that has been lived, Grace is no longer needed, because you will no longer be in the flesh when we stand before the Lord.  Praying that we are not guilty.

Sacrifice and live Holy.  Live without sin.  Do not wake up and make decisions to improve your skills in lying or deceiving.  Make a decision to get up daily to serve the Lord your creator and King.

This shows that you and I have the heart and spirit to be faithful to our God.  It doesn’t matter about who is running this race with you, it matters that you find the strength to run with patience.  To endure as a soldier not of misfurtune, but full of joy and gratitude for what you have been given from the Lord tour God.

Let the Spirit move you to move others.