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Get It Done

“Go and do likewise.”    – Luke 10:37 NIV

Are we so cruel to one another that we do not see the hardships in this world? This Good Samaritan is one of the best examples told in the Word of God because it is about helping a person you do not know.  It is about going above and beyond because of your good character which is built within you.  This happens in our society more often then you know.  There are those “Good Samaritans” who go the extra mile to help people who are hurting.  Yet, it is troubling how much we do for those of this world who have not the heart of God over those who belong to our Royal family.  You might say, “It doesn’t matter who they are”, that’s not the point of the story.  It was not about who the person was as much as who the Samaritan is.  If you are built to help you don’t care whether or not the person hurting is black or white, rich or poor.   You just want to help in any way you possibly can.  This is a Godly trait and not many people have this type of mindset.  Most are about what the person would do after you give them your money.  Will he/she go and do drugs or get alcohol or blow off the money you have provided.  That was not the Samaritans concern and it should not be something we sit around and think on before giving a helping hand.  Today we deal with many losses.  People are dying and entering their eternal rest more than ever.  They are killed and left lying in the street with a video of their death going viral.  There are very few true Samaritans who want to heal those who are broken.  Like I said, it has to be built within you to go all the way and if that is missing when you start to extend your hand to assist, immediately pull back and move on.  You will not get rewarded for doing something with a heavy spirit involved or even a complaining mindset.  If it’s from your heart, then by all means.