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Me-To-Your Move

If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.

Can you actually forgive another person’s sin against you, as Christ forgave the world through His sacrifice?

We hold a strong resistance to something we desire from those we care about. Yet, when others cross your path, you and I have a hard time forgiving.

Why can’t we just let it go?

We hold people hostage but would be angry if they did us the same way. Let His people go, so that you might be free within yourself.

When you and I do not forgive, we miss having the Lord’s forgiveness for ourselves. God forgave everything that you have done to Him and gave you another chance to get it right before Him.

Why is it so hard to let a bag of dirt off the hook?

Think about it. If you went to the hardware store and picked up a bag of clean dirt, and carry it with you to your place and then sit it on the front porch and never give it a chance to be used properly. How can you be upset with that bag of dirt, if you didn’t give it an opportunity to work through the system enough to produce what you needed?

I know that is frivolous and petty, but the point is, that is what it ends up being after all of that, just a useless situation that cannot be fixed even if they apologize to you for what they did.

Be like God and drop it and you’ll be happier with the results.

Make the right move and forgive before you end up paying for it later as we all stand before our maker.

I don’t want the Lord to send me to the Lake house in the middle of the pits of fire, just because I am not able to let something go.

It’s your move ……

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Got To Do More

Not everyone who calls out to me, �Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter.”

Just because we claim a status in faith, it doesn’t get us access to the Eternal Life promised.

Working in the faith and believing must go together in order for any of us to have an opportunity to enter into that Great rest of God.

You cannot be an avid church goer’s and assume that you’ll enter Heaven bassed upon attendance.

Building the temple here on Earth, and increasing the membership of the Body of Christ may very well give you and I an upper hand in the judgement.

Living right won’t hurt the cause either. Those who have become stagnated because of church politics have walked away from service in the church. That doesn’t hurt anyone but yourself in the long run.

People say going to church is not important, but that is not what the Scripture says. Being active in the service of the congregation and community is what must take place in our lives, not avoiding fake believers who have some personal agendas when they come to serve. It is not always about the Lord or the church, it is about clout and prestige among men.

We aren’t here to serve God through men. We are serving man through God.

If people think they should have that right available to them to go to Heaven because they simply go to church.

Think Again.

The devil believes and trembles.

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Ministering Spirits

Hebrews 1:14
Are not the angels ministering spirits, sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?


The Lord has protected His Son, even on the Cross. He continues to protect the Sons assets, those in whom the Son have set free.

He causes the Angels to keep you and I, not because we are the greatest gift to the Body of Christ, but because His salvation He placed upon us through His spilled blood. We are covered by the host of Angels that the Father has sent on our behalf.

As long as we maintain our salvation, and do not put it aside for wordly pleasures. The Lord God gives His Angels charge over those who are saved.

Now we must make sure that we are inheriting, possessing, and living in salvation to receive this protection detail from Heaven.

God not only sends those Angelic Celestial beings to protect, but He is good at assigning those earthen Angels of flesh.

Mother’s and Father’s, or siblings and relatives that God set in place to protect the innocent and abused.

He promised that He would not leave us alone. After Israel had be rescued from their place of bondage, the Lord walked them home to the land that He had already established was theirs from their forefsther Abraham.

God is walking with us even when we don’t feel protection from the Creator, there is always an angel near to gaurd in case of danger. Don’t you worry bout a thang, it’ll be all over in the morning.

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Lights on the road.

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.

Who prefers to walk in pitch black? How do you know where you are going if all the lights are out on the road?
If we walk in the light, we have fellowship with Christ and with one another. If we walk in the darkness then that is why we e d up suffering loss.

Be the children if light and not darkness. Don’t allow the enemy to fill your head with devilish ideas that will end up getting you punished by the Father in Heaven.

We can’t hide our actions for long. What is done behind closed doors or in the pitch of black, will soon be seen by all. What needs to take place, is that we find ourselves blameless as Children of God.

You are allowed to fellowship with others in that same light, not those who are hiding and being mischievous in their walk.

It’s like getting into a car with a friend, knowing he/she didn’t have a ride, and cannot afford it, but we put our trust in men and not only in God who made us all.

Live your life cover in light and not darkness. Darkness is like thick skin that cannot be penetrated, something that suffocates the life out of you. Let’s not die in this cocoon, but let us be free to roam, free to dance and sing the glorious nature and power of our God and King. Let’s get in the light while it still shines on this place before the end comes.

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Pass It On

Even when I am old and gray,
do not forsake me, my God,
till I declare your power to the next generation,
your mighty acts to all who are to come.

I just want to pass some knowledge to the generation to come. If my children have the information then I want my Grandkids to be just as wise and more.

Reach those that are yours to manage. Don’t let everyone have a strong influence on your children’s lives more than you.

So many things are passed down to the next generation that doesn’t help them find their identity. Manny of you have had to fight through issues and hang-up that were not originally yours to battle.

There are family courses that come upon our generations that they are not even aware of they are fighting against trying to muscle through.

(Proverbs 26:2). In other words, something happened that caused them. Family curses are the result of sin or someone in the family rebelling against God’s sanctions.

You brake the cycle of repetition in the generations to come by revealing and unveiling the enemies tricks and temptations that have plagued your family from the time of your birth.

Don’t keep the secrets of sin and not allow your children and those under you in your family line the opportunity to know how to battle against these demo is forces that have been hovering over the lives of people.

Fight the enemy by telling the truth and shaming the devil as they always said.

Lead with honor so that your followers have a chance to be pleasing to the Lord in their lives. They will have to have their own personal experience with the Holy Spirit in the first place, they just need a head start. That’s all, give them a head start on their journey. Even if you were never givien the chance to start off good.

Let the power of the Holy Ghost lead and direct you as you give the history of strength and faith in Christ Jesus to the generations coming up from behind you.

That gray hair is wisdom, even though some try to buy it and color for stylish purposes, that is not the secret to the gray. The secret is the Lord who helped you and I make it this far.

Pass that on….

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If You Can

King James Version

Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth

Mark 9 23

Man if we could get ourselves to truly have faith in Christ, would we have this up and down mentality.

Jesus told many who followed Him to have faith not only in the Creator, but also in the Savior. If they could just believe things would be much better for them.

That same statement is for us today as well. Let us stop with doubt and fear that things won’t work out, and just believe that the Lord has our best interest at heart.

Believe for believing sake. Believe that all things will work according to the plans that the Father have put in motion.

Why would He plan out your life, and not give you assistance to get through the hard times? It would not be beneficial to the Creator to give you hopes of a future you would never get a chance to even glimpse let alone live .

Christ is saying if you could believe, it will all be possible to unto you.

Miracles happen because the person earnestly seeks for it, I believe. Yet, the Lord is good and capable of changing wayward minds to His side through miraculous things that are truly unexpected.

If you believe that He is able to do acceedingly, and far beyond your scope of understand, then why not put all trust in just Him alone. Don’t leave any doubt for debate later.

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No Shepherd Among Us.

Household gods give worthless advice,
fortune-tellers predict only lies,
and interpreters of dreams pronounce
falsehoods that give no comfort.
So my people are wandering like lost sheep;
they are attacked because they have no shepherd.


In our culture we live for knowledge of the future. God can tell you your future through His Word, and Prophets. He will not predict something He is already familiar with.

We need to stay under the protection of our Shepherd King Jesus our Lord. What do we need to know about the future that cannot be instructed to us through the Spirit of God and by the Word of truth?

God is not leading us down paths of unrighteousness, nor pastures that have been grazed by previous sheep.

It doesn’t benefit the Creator to be evil in nature. He can be, but to what purpose? How does it serve Him to be full of mischief, or fueled by lying and deceit? That is the devil’s job, and God is not about to do the enemies job.

The Shepherd protects and directs us. He leads us besides still waters and runs the wolves away.

If you and I need clarity on where to be for the future, we need to rely on the solid truth that comes from the mouth of the Creator and our Savior.

The future is not what you make of it, but what the Lord already set into motion from your creation. He just needs you and I to walk there in to accomplish those set goals He has for our future.

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It s The Season

For everything there is a season,
a time for every activity under heaven.

With all that is going on, it seems there is no break in the devil’s plans to kill, steal, and destroy. Now that I see this Script, I understand it’s the season for it.

Destruction all around us and has not been laid upon us yet, we should be thankful.

When you see your neighbors struggling in life, don’t assume it is because they deserve it. It may just be a season that have come upon them to re-establish their faith in God, or even cause them to start trusting in the Mighty hand of our Creator.

Just because things are going the wrong direction, doesn’t mean that God does not care for His people. It means that He is giving them a chance to stand before Him cleansed from all unrighteousness.

We suffer chastising because we are loved of God. If He had not love for us, then we could have a logistical case, but who could here it if not the one who judges all.

Thanks to God we are loved and given an opportunity to please the Lord with our lives.

There is a season unfortunately that comes to all generations. What you and I must do in our walk, is make sure that we do not deserve to be toppled over and trampled by the judgements that must come to a deserving world of doubt.

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A Special Believer.

Then Mary said, “Behold the maidservant of the Lord! Let it be to me according to your word.” And the angel departed from her.


How willing are you and I to give up our body and life to serve the Voice of God in Spirit?

Not to mention Mary being a young girl around 15+ to hear the voice of the Lord directly. God confirmed His plans through communication with the Arch Angel Gabriel, so that she would be for sure she heard the right Word of God.

The important thing to understand is Mary repsected the Lord her God enough to bend her will to the Mighty will of the Creator.

If we would be better servants to the Lord through our undying loyalty, to complete what task that He has given to us, we would enjoy such Grace and mercy all the more within our walk.

She is not ashamed to walk around with a Spiritually induced baby bump. When will we be as willing to carry such greatness in our bellies?

A vessel willing to be imparted for the greater impact upon a society, is a vessel of tremendous worth.

We do not bow to Mary the Mother of our Lord, but we do lift her up with high regards to what she accomplished in her young life.

Just know that others will not understand what moves within you, all they need to see is the results of perfect planning of God that will set captives free through your willingness to sacrifice more through praise.

She said, let it be according to your Word. What ever happens in our lives as we walk the road to Eternity. Stand firm on what the Word of the Lord told you, and don’t back down.

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All Night, and All Day

Hebrews 13:2 ESV

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

All night and all day, Anngeks watching over me my Lord. Don’t treat people wrong, because you do not know whether they are Angels of God sent to give you assistance through a hard situation.

Some people are hard to like. Some are hard to stomach when they are around. We can’t be a person with faith in Christ and not be able to deal with people who come along in our life.

Abraham is a prime example of one who knew how to entertain the Angels God sent to help him in a time of worry and fear.

Who God sends to you is not your choice. When you are in need of help, God sends the right person, or group of people who can be a hedge about you while your recovering.

God will not leave you exposed to the enemy for him to totally destroy you. The times when He does discipline His children, is not for destruction but correction, because of His love for you and I.

God is not like man who eventually throws in the towel when they have people they can’t reach. God can reach you and I through the heartbrakes and high times.

God is mysterious in His ways, and they are not easily found out without His revealing the plan.

I would rather walk in obedience to the will and the Word of the Lord our God, then to suffer under hardship and pain at His hands.