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The Job of Inner Thinking

King James Bible
How forcible are right words! but what doth your arguing reprove?

Job 6:25


Sitting here around this camp fire with 3 friends who don’t even truly like me. The stooges, slapping themselves around trying to convince me that I am in the wrong because of what I have obtained that they haven’t even applied to their lives yet.

How people come by when it’s hard on you to see how you come through it. Some secretly hope you fold up like a baby and remain perplexed in your inward delimma. Did you know that loved ones want you to fall just as much as those who are just associates of yours?

Have you ever watched how many people try to trip you up because they can not support your success?

Even when they are right in what they deduced and reasoned among themselves before coming to your pity party. They have already discussed your situation and have purposed to be there to see you punished right before their eyes.

They might truly love you, but they still have this need to see that you have fully fallen on your face before them, and oh yeah, definitely before the Lord.

They have the facts of your situation, but their argument to help you through it only deepens your resolve to punish yourself.

God forgives me who have dug into themselves deep enough to wound the soul. Those who haven’t even scrsted themselves, He still has to bop up side the head.

Those who sit around you in your calamity’s, are only there to see you sniffle and wallow in your pitifulness. They don’t mean you any harm truly, they are still kids sitting on the steps trying to beat you at picking the best cars that go by. As if they are really going to have it once it is parked and the person driving by hands them the keys.

It’s a fantasy in their eyes. Ultimately, it’s only a game of who can handle it better than the next person.

You have always worked your way out of the struggles that many have stayed locked in for decades.

You handled the torments and the molestings and the abuses, and got out and far away from it. Others stayed around and remained puppets to the system that built them. Oh, I’m sorry for this deep water, but it must happen at times to get you and I to the place God can be glorified for His most sacred part of our existence.

Don’t be clever, be stronger. Don’t be just wise enough, be wisdom at it’s finest moment and most in-depth level. See all the players on the board and discover how they move in your favor. Each board game of life is a chess game with the enemy, and God is your teacher. Christ will play your part through you.

It is timing and calculations of risks and sacrifice that hurt being made, but you shall recover with Jesus in the midst of your thinking.

You will not be hurt during this loss, this cloak, and dagger experience my friends. You are a secret agent in this fight of right and wrong.

Pick your side quickly and stand on your position He placed you firmly. Don’t just give up easily because you’ve been struck. Stop showing signs of weakness to the enemy. Even though you have a heart for those who are lost, don’t you be lost trying to retrieve their souls in all of this.

Let them sit their and relish in what they think is your dooms day speech, when in fact it is your inward battle that they have had the pleasure of witnessing your victory through it all.

The Job of inner thinking. You’ve won, not winning…… That’s for those who haven’t seen the end.

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Off The Wall

Mark 9:23
“If You can?” echoed Jesus. “All things are possible to him who believes.


Can you here the Master saying to you, if you believe, all things are possible.

You and I love to say how hard things are, and why it is that we can not get over something difficult in our lives. We love talking about what others have done to us. At times I believe we forget quickly what we’ve done that gives us the Ok to put blame on everyone but ourselves.

The if in this Scripture is huge, because many people can’t get off from under the thoughts that plague their hearts and minds enough to believe the Word of God. We can’t let go of pains and hurts that have only struck our hearts and not our Soul.

We are difficult to bless at times. When we receive we are glad right a way, but as soon as it’s over we are sad. How typical and boring of us to be so normal in that regard. To slack in adventuring through the depth of Spiritual soup. That is to get the gusto from the depth of the taste and see method we should have in God.

Off the wall are the echoed words of our Lord that brings deliverance to those who are willing to hear what has been said, but currently in motion from His voice spoken long ago.

We are just now getting the message of Christ ourselves, so many of it we are hearing after the effects of His death, burial and resurrection.

We believe strongly because of the Spirit of God that reiterates the same message the Disciple heard in their time from the mouth of our Lord.

We get it now, as our ears are impacted with the truth from what has rickoched into our hearts

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Deceived by Me

Deceiving Selves, Stop By Your Place First, and straighten up”.

There is no way to slide by your place and step over a mess.

Bishop Dr Michael Craddock Sr.


We will have to address it ourselves. Whatever our secret shameful acts. We have to face it and put it to a stop in our minds first, then our bodies will have no other choice but to obey what our minds have already conquered.

Look into your mirror, and see the truth about yourself. It is not everyone else who is the problem to your headache. They are being themselves naturally. You don’t like the way they do business when it come down to the relationship you have with them, and they seem not to care as much about how your taking it. They keep going with their plan, while you suffer the indescribable nuisance they have become to your Spirit.

We cannot keep on showing others their flaws and not address the elephants we have become ourselves.

I have to search my reasoning and correct the problem before I am gone from here.

How can I excuse the mess I make to get on the stuff you do? It is not righteous to point out others flaws they are working through, but never clean up your own mess.

It is known as hypocrisy. We see others issues more better than we address ourselves .


There are two sorts of hypocrites: ones that are deceived with their outward morality and external religion; and the others are those that are deceived with false discoveries and elevation; which often cry down works, and men’s own righteousness.
Author: Jonathan Edwards

King James Bible
Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.

1 Cor. 3:18


Lay out the strategy to get your place cleaned up before the guest arrive.

Make your place presentable for the Lord to come in and sup with you.

He knows how you live and what you do in your secret places. How we indulge ourselves in sensuality full of pleasures.

Let us be truthful with ourselves and stop allowing a mess to develop in our hearts.

We kill ourselves sooner than we need to. We end our own existence through our hidden entanglement.

Take a degreaser, and dig the grim and grit from the walls from so many weeks and months of allowing mess to stick to your heart, that you knew was not correct.

To deceive myself on a matter, is to block what may very well be obvious to others, but to me it doesn’t exist. That is when people refuse to see what the problem is, because they may find it to be on them.

Remember, Christ did nothing to us or those who nailed Him to the Cross.


Prov. 5:7_10

7. So now, children, listen to me; do not turn aside from the words I speak.

8 Keep yourself far from her, and do not go near the door of her house,
9 lest you give your vigor to others and your years to a cruel person,
10 lest strangers devour your strength, and your labor benefit another man’s house.


If you and I are so smart, so wise and highly intelligent. Then why do we end up in her house?

Lust, Wickedness and deception.

If you get anything from me today.

Just get this.


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The Mighty Against You

American King James Version
O our God, will you not judge them? for we have no might against this great company that comes against us; neither know we what to do: but our eyes are on you

2 Ch. 20. 12

When you and I get surrounded by people who mean to do us in. Let us remember that is when the Lord secures the hedge He has placed around us.

He is not incapable of protection because you and I do not see what He has set in place.

When we are afraid, we don’t notice that the Lord has given us a guard. We only see the trouble brewing, and we never see that He has placed others to be your strength for you, or with you.

It is not for us to defend our own honor. God is vengeance for, and, He is very good at wiping the earth clean of people who do not matter to the plan. People have a right to be who they are, but not when it torments others to a place of fearing men over reverencing and respecting God with a Holy fear.

I fear in awe and reverence to the magnitude of God great power. I am not afraid of my Creator, but I fear what He can do if I’m not found doing what I have been given in my life’s journey.

You have to have something you fear brothers and sisters in order to have respect.

Don’t fear men, all they can do is hurt your body, and maybe your heart if you get that involved with them, but that’s all they have. They cannot affect your soulish really, the true existence of who you are. Your are a Spirit being living in a fleshly body. You do not cease to exist because your body no long lives.

God will punish Injustice towards the orphan, the widow, and the elderly. He will protect the innocent from everlasting damnation. Even if men take the body and destroy it, God has power over the Spirit and Soul. He is the Creator of this temporary state, and He has made it so that the law of Dominion given to man must be respected, that is why we have such chaos in our society, and such disbelief among the human race.

God has this right where He wants it. He is the Creator of the Chaos that you and I cannot decipher into order. Men cannot get themselves out of this messed up situation, only God can untangle the web of lies and deceit. God sees the beginning from the end and knows exactly where we all stand in the matter of many subjects that weigh heavy on the minds of all people.

I’m wstching how we all agree to destroy ourselves. How we give into our temptations and don’t feel guilty or shame anymore for failing to uphold such truth and righteousness that the Anointed one has shown us.

I to fail each everyday and hate it with a passion, but the next day I’m given another chance to be who God has called me to be.

It is my choice, and if given the ultimatum of life and death were always sitting g before me each day and I had to choose the end results, I’d want to choose life and not death.

But, we all know we choose death automatically…….smh

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A Head Full.

1 Kings 1:52
And Solomon replied, “If he is a man of character, not a single hair of his will fall to the ground. But if evil is found in him, he will die.

God is not out to hurt us. We do a good job of that on our own. We cause the Creator to have to punish this world by the way we treat others around us. We connive and mistreat those we say we love, and give others we barely know obseen opportunities to double cross us.

If we are good people, then why would there be a hit out on our heads? If we are the worst of the earth, then we deserve the dark matter that keeps creeping up around us and choking out every opportunity to be and do something worth while.

I’m a topical preacher, so you might wonder why I use the Scripture in this fashion when at tunes that may very well be the opposite of what is in the full compass of the text. Our world is trapped by one-liners like, opening acts if you will to our social data streams each day. We are caught in a works wind of partial understandings. People do not want to think any deeper than they should.

So, I don’t feed any more what people donot attempt to enjoy through such in-depth studies. We will do nothing but judge the matter based upon our own interjections of truth we allow.

It is always simple and easy to understand.

The Word of the Lord will not make it hard to grasp. God wsnts us safe and happy, but we will the process by being who we truly are inwardly. Selfish, backstabbing thieves. You are probably saying to yourself, you don’t have a clue sir, and I would say your right, I don’t. I would also say, I pray that I’m wrong on many of my assumptions, because I want to see better things happening in the society we live in, but evil is ALWAYS present when good gets good.

King Solomon is responding to a brother who took it upon himself to celebrate something that was not his. Many people today are just like his brother, they celebrate false hope, they steal position and cause others to become allies of their treachery. You may have had some to try and steal your thunder, but know that the Lord will cause you to ride in the midst of the crowd and He will anoint you for the task when the other sits at his table with meal of crow on his/her plate.

God knows who is doing there best to serve righteously. This hairs will grow then after while, and soon those people will become bald from worry and stress. Not ever realizing the Lord choice is not theirs to permit.

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All Lies I Tell You

King James Bible
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Jn 8:44


My dad never liked to me ever in my life. He never made a promise to me growing up, because I never got to connect with him in my life.

Some people have dad’s that promised them ma y things and never came through with it. I may have promised my children things in their lives, but I pray they never see me as a liar.

The enemy is the Father of deception, the Father of no truth. It has been his pleasure to lie and, deceive man.

This is how we missed out on Garden of Eden life, through the lies told to men through the hunger of man’s appetite. The enemy used what we truly needed to sure I’ve as a time to lie to us about our true existence.

If we engage in a lasting relationship with the enemy, then we will reap the benefits of who he is, a d the consequences of following his lead.

If your father is known for never telling you the truth. Would you still give him the reverence he expects from you as his child, or would you slowly, but surely pull away as time goes on when dealing with him?

I can’t be a father who doesn’t tell his child the truth, even if truth hurts.

We all exclaim we want the truth, but truth’s consequences are pain and corrective nature. Truth requires that you and I fix what is wrong with ourselves and come to a place of right standing.

Lies let you slide under the radar and keep giving off this false hope and assurance that is not real. The enemy want many to think they are Ok just as they are, that what the requirements are the Lord has established are not that serious.

It’s all lies I Tell you.

God loves each everyone, and has plans to give you the better things life has to offer you, only if you and I come to terms with being truthful and flee the grips of a lying Spirit.

Only you can stop listening to the devil who tells you that your not in the image of God’s likeness, when you are.

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Withdraw to the wild

But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.

Where you go to pray may not be the same as everyone else’s place of police and serenity.  Jesus went to the wilderness to pray.  With the wild animals and the untamed creatures of God’s nature.  That is where He felt most connected to the Creator.  It is not to say that you and I  have to get use to being around those who may not be all together right, or good, but that you don’t have to be afraid to send up your request even if they are not acknowledging the Creator as you.

We need to find ourselves in any situation that we may end up.  Don’t loose our edge in our time with God, but find the point where we meet Him diligently in our place of prayer and  supplication.

If Jesus our Savior is comfortable around misfots and what others may call degenerates, low status cotozens who don’t seem to be good or right in their thinking, what may our issues truly be?

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Look At The Man.

Looking at the man, Jesus felt genuine love for him. “There is still one thing you haven’t done,” he told him. “Go and sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

I wonder if we ever take a close look at man, and truly see that he/she is missing something they need drastically more than they need an extra place to call home. People are missing Jesus Chridt. They are needing His salvation badly.
In order to be relevant to the movement of Christ, we need to have a garage sale and give up all our possessions for the Kingdoms sake.

Jesus felt genuine true compassion for the young man, even in the state of selfishness the man donstrated when he came to Christ thinking he had done all to be in right standing with God.

It is about the individual and not what he or she possess that makes them worth the effort in Christ eyes.  It is the fact that the Lord has love for all of His people no matter what your status in lifeay be.

We have to be like Christ if we want to make sure that this faith is no over run with rhetoric of self obsorbting service.  We must make sure that we are performing the right that all people’s have, the right to be saved noatter whrrethe6 came from and how they carried themselves up until their conversion to Judeo Christian values.

Uphold the standard that we all might fall short at any given time and need to be righted of our wrong thinking’s.  We tend to run off with our understanding and not have a heart or an ear to hear the full measure of the matter before we have turned others aside because we think they don’t need to be set free from their torments too.

Everyone has tormentor, everyone has slave drivers of some degree, not just the poor and helpless are driven into the lifestyles of servitude and disregard.  Daughter and sons of the rich and famous begin to share with us years later the stories of abuse and neglect they experienced at the hand of those they loved as well.  Ethnic groups are not the only ones sabataged by the enemy to bow to his will and give in when you would not of normal circumstances.

So, look closer at that man, because that man might as well be you or me I the condition of accomplished, who do not see the errro of their ways until, genuine Love was shown to him and he could correct himself.  He first had to see his doings as wrong and going no where in the sight if if  Almighty, before Christ, he thought he was doing well.

Before Christ we all thought we were doing well, but not we know the truth, and we know better then to assume we made a difference within ourselves to the society we live in.

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Work to Save

American King James Version
Let him know, that he which converts the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.

James 5 20


Your efforts have a great reward attached to it for life. Don’t give up saving lives. Christ didn’t stop when you and I were being more difficult than usual.

We can’t come back to the Father with empty branches that produced nothing. That is not excusable.

Fruit must be on your branch in the end. We are to reach beyond ourselves and help bring others to the belief that Jesus Christ is the Messiah spoken of by the Prophets of Old who have come to save the world.

We tend to assume that we don’t have the power to save, and that this power belongs only to the Spirit alone without vessels to carry out the work.

The Spirit works through you to save people. Your work and efforts to bring in one convert at a time is just as important as those who travel around the world and minister to millions.

The work belongs to the servants of the Lord who do not get turned around because of negative people, those who can sale the point because you are a witness to the salvation of Christ for yourself.

This Word is an Spiritual Pat on the back to those who can love beyond their pride. You are not working to bring people to the latest marketing scheme, so that your success line grows. Your working to Save souls from damnation.

Our hearts should be completely full of love towards those who are lost, and those who are leaving the sanctity’s of faith for whatever human errors they cannot bare.

You save through Christ, and Christ saves through you. You forgive sins through the preaching of a consistent truth that is not full of bias towards fleshly failings. You preach this foolish presching to the sinner so that they may have faith to step out if their life for a brief moment so that Christ can be introduced long enough and hard enough o presuade them of Spiritual truth that only comes through this sold out faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God.

He is not the son of some false deity that was conjured up in some farytale, or folklore that have ran along side the truth for a very long time that even true believers are not sure in themselves if they have found the right path for their walk.

Be sure, be bold, and be strong for the Lord the God is with thee.

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Can’t Help Heart Felt.

King James Bible
Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart.

Prov. 3 3


What does your heart say in regards to truth and righteousness? Mercy and Grace comes from the Father to us His children through Jesus Christ.

Yet, we can choose to be merciful and full of truth towards our fellow man. Give forgiveness to those who need it not deserve it, because we all have need of true unadulterated forgivenness. This will show how much of Christ resides in is, when we are full of mercy and truth.

So now we see what the issues truly are when there are disagreements. No mercy or truth comes from us, only confusion and anger.

If we are to be like Christ in every way , and not partially, we must be full of His attributes, and not fall to our own ideologies.

Being like Him should create in us all a clean heart and a renewed right Spirit. That we might perform better while dealing with various people in various places we find ourselves.

Bind them to your kneck. Mercy and truth, and do not for sale them. Put on the Mercies of God that are made new for you and me each and every morning. Those same mercies should be pinched off of as we deal with relatives and friends, or associates.

Give mercy where it is not due. Extend Grace because it has been advantageous to your walk.

My Uncle Author wrote a beautiful song. Daily Walking. We must remember we are all seeking audience with the Maker God our Father in Heaven. We desire to spend time with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. It requires a daily effort to be convinced of the Facts, we cannot make it to Where all Glory without these attributes that save our miserable lives.

Thank God for the prime example Jesus is, without Him we would be lost in a time capsule waiting to be discovered and set free.

Sin has shaped our inquiries, and we fight a loosing battle in the flesh. Let us turn from those wicked thoughts that create this void and distance betweenam and his Creator King.

Let is stop scratching our cornea to see why, what, when and where, and scratch the table of the heart with the Word of God.

Let God speak the columns of truth that is a direct route to remaining in the Grace, Mercy and Truth.