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The Revealing Light

12Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”


The Light of Christ keeps us from allowing sin to creep upon us.  It also show what we do, so that we can put a stop to indulgence to wrong activities of believers in Christ.  That’s why in Christ it is an; if you sin mentality not a; when you sin mentality.  In Christ there is right and Holiness.

He is the light of the world, we are His reflection.  You can not shine where there is not power.  If His power ceases to be in you, then you and I are full of darkness. 

Express your light to the world, show the brightness of His splendor in you, that others may bow their heads and honor the Lord your God.

Keep the mode lighting for your spouse and you.  God doesn’t need to be swooped off His feet with your fancy moves.  That is all freshly and has nothing to do with Him.

If your the light, it is because He is light, and where there is light darkness leaves.

So put out the darkness, and not the lights. 

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More Glory From God.

We all show the Lord’s glory, and we are being changed to be like him. This change in us brings more and more glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.


The glow of God and the favor of the Lord is shown upon us.  When we are complete doing the right things and being in the right locations in life. 

Because we are active servants of the Lord and His Glory is shown upon us.  We gain more opportunities to present the Lord to those who have shut themselves off from the goodness and righteousness of God.

Let the Glory of our Lord rise among us.  Let His fame be that we show to the wirkd, not our talents and skill.  Just because we sing and preach well and retain information to cause others to gaze at us in amazement, does not meam we are the star of the show.  

He is the MAIN EVENT, the Star of the story.  His Glory is the glow everyone see’ s upon us.  It is called anointing.  The gift to preach and teach, the ability to persuade others that this life is the right choice.

We do not have the option of show boating, are trying to steal the show from our Lord.  Without Him we can do nothing.

Miracle hands and  Prophetic seeing ability all comes through the anointing that is made available because we are fully surrendered in ourselves, and He is exalted. 

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No – Love Mercy and Cry Out.

No, O people, the LORD has told you what is good,

    and this is what he requires of you:
to do what is right, to love mercy,
    and to walk humbly with your God.

— Micah 6:8 NLT


One of my favorite words in the Scripture is mercy.  Because I have a different concept than most about how mercy is applied to us daily.  When I think of mercy I always think of the game and I here people crying for mercy because they are being tortured by someone who might be pinching them or twisting their arm until they cry out.

Many if us have been in punches of life and at times our hands were tired and there was nothing left that we could do, but cry out.

There is not time for playing the strong man’s tole.  I don’t know if anyone has ever played with a stubborn person, who had to show they were the strongest one and could handle the most pain.  I think that is what we are seeing in this next generation of people growing up before us.  They get hit with something hard and they don’t give in to ask for anything from anyone.  To a degree that is tenaciius, but to another degree, that is stubbornness, and we need to show our children it’s Ok to say please help me and thank you.

It’s not left to the government to raise our kids and support our families.   Who told anyone that we had to rely on politicians to eat and sleep and drink.  We habe become the modern Egypt and the government is our task masters.  They will start hitting harder then ever, because they will not be taxed unduly.  The rich will not conti is to put into a deep pot and get nothu g from it.  So, yes I see why they might invest in the insurance for the crisis and disasters that happen, so they can recoup their losses.  Somehow they need to gain from somewhere.  So, they will look crooked to us who work in the lowest departments.  They will seem to be greedier than ever before.  If you were in their shoes, you would be the same way.

Mercy is about getting back to doing good to others and even with your own life.  When mercy is made new each day.  We are given a chance to correct stuff because Grace is extended to us through mercy.  God’s patience is mercy.  God provisions each day for His people, is His mercy.  It endures through our all generations.  The mercies of  the Lord never ceases, it’s new every day.  The more I need the more it increases.  According to singer and writer Darwin Hobbs.

According to my little small thinking.  Mercy will have some pain with it, but because of it you and I are alive today.  He chastised those in whom He loves, that is Grace and Mercy wrapped in love.  But the belt is mercy towards us who are disobedient to His commandments. .He already gave us time to get things in order, that’s Grace.  What we did. Not deserve in the first place.  Thank God for the Savior and the Grace we have received.  Love mercy and do good to each other.

It started off sayung.  Oh my people, like what are you doing now,  be good and do good this is God’s requirement 

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At Least Be Thankful.

Heavens and earth, be happy!

    Mountains, shout with joy!
The LORD comforts his people.
    He is good to his poor people.

— Isaiah 49:13 ERV


How good God is to us poor and helpless beings.  We should be full of gratitude.  Happy He gave us a chance to be in His family.  That He created us in the likeness of His Majesty.  Many are grateful, but for a few things and not everything that God has done.

Mountains and the sea roar at the sound of His name.   We who are more intelligent and capable of doing so, should be louder and more articulate than inanimate objects that just regularly do their job.  We should say with a voice loud enough, how good God has been and is to us all.  Even when we do not deserve His goodness towards us, He is still good.

So, we should at the least be full of thankfulness, because of who He is and what heHe has done for us.  There should never be empty churches, and the definitely should not be quiet inside as libraries.  We go to learn,but we also go to witness and testify.

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In Truth We Worship. 

For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.”

— John 4:24 NLT


Don’t let yourself down, by giving the Lord your God partial services.

Worship Him in the Spirit of truthfulness, because He can see and hear and know before you and I go to do it.  When your fighting the temptations and working not to slip into it’s grip, God has already found your escape.

I cannot bring a lie to God.  He knows when we are worshiping in false pretenses.  He knows when we give true heart to heart, honest and open worship.  He knows when we are just doing the motions or lip movement and have not the heart to reach for Him through true worship.

Don’t come to the Lord to worship and give adoration and be missing the icing on the cake.  We will be speaking on this Sabbath morning.

Tune in on our facebook and our soon coming podcasting programs.  We are building the set we will use for podcasting.  

So I’m leaving the rest of the meal for later on.

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Turning on Themselves

As they began to sing and to praise God, the LORD set an ambush for the army from Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir who had come to attack Judah. The enemy was defeated! The Ammonites and the Moabites started to fight the men from Mount Seir. After they killed them, the Ammonites and Moabites turned on themselves and killed each other.

— II Chronicles 20:22-23 ERV

===============÷=÷============The enemy will attack themselves.

People like Haman in the story of Ester, try to set you up because they don’t like you or your family and friends.  In the process of trying to end your career and mark you permenantly, they end up having to give up important info that can incriminate others in their group, which leads to desaster for them.

You and I have nothing to fear from those who assume they can end what the Lord has favored.  How people work and plot against you because they don’t like your opportunities that keep coming your way.  Jealousy and envy, and here it is, you sit around worrying and complainjng, and God sees to your need easily.

You are reacting to the enemies devices to easily.  You have to stand still when he jumps at you, and bangs items around to get you riled up and afraid of him.  We are not afraid and nor shall we be at any given time in our lives.  The Lord is our Shield and Buckler.   Let us let Him do the defensive work over us.  Let us not become defensive and try to fight back, not knowing who all is out there that cannot stand us.

Never be in worry or concern about naysayers.  Those ones who are all talk, and no action.  Make sure you are aware that others will act against you with activity behind what they believe to be truth about you.

Many will attempt to hang you out to dry for their petty jealously and envious nature.  Some people can’t go beyond a certain stage in their lives, and because of that, they conive and set traps for the hard workers.


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It Could Be Much Better.

Oh, that they had such a heart in them that they would fear Me and always keep all My commandments, that it might be well with them and with their children forever!”

— Deuteronomy 5:29 NKJV


If we honor God in our hearts enough, we would not only fear and reverence Him, but also obey His commands.  

We can’t pick from the Word what we choose to believe, and what we will not.  The Word of The Lord God is straight forward as a shooting arrow.  It will prick our hearts for change.  When you let the Word of God into your life, you allow yourself to live.  If we deny the Word access to our heart, we set ourselves up for death and shame.

God wants to bless you and your children.  Like Job being given a second batch of sons, that his nagging dishonorable wife had to birth AGAIN.  God wants you to live in your second wind.  Set your sails in His sea and the Spirit will propel you in the direction that brings about increase and longevity.

Just think, that Job was still able to give children to His wife and raise them to adult status the second time around.  That’s what you and I need.  A second time around.  That’s available to those who keep the commands of God.

If people would just grab a hold to the truth that is in the Word of God for their lives, they may find it less strenuous as they live their lives.

Just keep God’s Word and everything will be taken care of in the end.  Just wait and see how the Lord favors us, and our sees after us.

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I Give Myself Away.

Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning,

    for I am trusting you.
Show me where to walk,
    for I give myself to you.

— Psalm 143:8 NLT


No leaning on self to understand God’s ways.  Lean on Him completely.   Trust the Masters plan, it will turn out better than what you expected.  Patience and obedience to His will, will give you and I assurance that He cares and will truly protect you in times of trouble.  They that wait on Him can renew their strnegth, and mount up on wings like eagles amd soar.  This os where I get the motto, where eagles soar God expects more.  You want something out of the Lord, then you habe to give something in appreciation.  Your heart and soul, He already is owns the Spirit in you.  We cant gove Him what we do not own.  Let the Spirit guide you to all truth and righteousness..  He won’t steer you wrong in any way.

Why not give all of me.  You know that you can never partially enter a place and say that you habe been there.  Unless you walk in completely and show that you came by shaking hands or greeting others.

You can’t partially be in God, you habe to fully step in to be counted as a child of the King.

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Leveled Ground

“What are you, mighty mountain? Before Zerubbabel you will become level ground. Then he will bring out the capstone to shouts of ‘God bless it! God bless it!'”

— Zechariah 4:7 NIV



Zerubbabel, the leader of the people of Judah, had a great task to perform. After he led the first exiles back from the Babylonian captivity, he was called by God to begin the re-building of the temple in Jerusalem. In the first two years the foundation of the temple was laid, but then work came to a standstill for 17 years because of the disruptive activity of the Samaritan people. Our verse for today is part of a prophetic message Zechariah received from an angel concerning the completion of Zerubbabel’s temple project. The angel’s message still speaks to us today. ——————————————————-

What have you started that seems to be stagnated for years after it began?  Churches always have building finds for the new building they desire to build, but the money it takes is there right away.

Your efforts to serve shall not go un-noticed before the Lord your God.  He rewards them who are diligent and who seek Him for directions and the answer to life’s issues.  So, I know He don’t leave you when you are performing and using the gift He placed in you.

We give up when we see nothing happening.  We don’t realize that it takes time to put power of that magnitude together in the same room.  Let me say it this way.  In order for Ephesians 4:11 to come together to effectively do their job, it takes an extreme amount of anointing to cover the room.  All of them have been anointed to do a speciific task in the service.  To habe all of that power under one roof is almost earth moving, but most definitely life changing when the Spirit of God is involved.

It takes time to make sure that each region of the Body has functioning members of the five-fold ministry gifts, as we have termed it, in the Pentecostal settings.

Yes, one person can have the talent and anointing enough to cover a multiple of gifts and callings, but he/she can only use one at a time.  They cannot walk in both at the same time, but can transfer from one gift to the next as the Spirit moves the scene.

Even though what I am saying ultimately is a revelations that I have been studying over my lifespan in the ministry.  Having a multi-ministry calling and anointing to perform various duties that are needed within the local and corporate settings.  The Scripture says your gift will make room for you.  Your gift will come to action as soon as you see the opening and have the permissions to do that task by the Holy Ghost.

I am a worship leader with a Prophetic Psalmist gift.   In other words, I see what and when the music ministry should change with the flowing of the anointing of the man/woman of God who may currently be ministering.  Each person prayed for or Prophisied to mat require the Spirit to move in another fashion, so the Prophetic Is almost must hear and see this in order to go with the flow of the anointed.  Only a few people are aware of this revelation, not many have the knowledge to understand what the Spirit of God has shown those selected to serve in this field how to function under the leadership and strong hand of the Holy Spirit.

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Please Be Quiet

But Caleb tried to quiet the people as they stood before Moses. “Let’s go at once to take the land,” he said. “We can certainly conquer it!”

— Numbers 13:30 NLT


It is the hardest thing to get people to finally be quiet enough to hear what the instructions we being given are.

Most people start complaining before they get the full understanding of what is bieng said to them.  They fly off at the handle, because they didn’t like the way the meeting began.  Others are angry because they have to be in a corporate meeting place surrounded by people they hardly get along with.

Caleb is having to yell above the crowd to allow their leader Moses to speak to the people according what the Lord God commanded him.

I do not like that when someone who is addressing a congregation that is being rude and talking over the speakers words.  I find myself shushing folks so that I can get what is being said for me even if you don’t.

When you have people who are afraid to move forward as a group, that says a lot about that generations stamina and longevity.  When a generation has no true leader they repsect, they die off sooner then later.  This is a Spiritual thing I am sharing with you.  Our Nany Boomers are forced to press a long time because there X generation and millennial generations are too weak to lead such great people.  We need our grand parents today to step up and take charge a little while lomger because we might not get any leaders I  place before it is to late.

Caleb and Joshua are the next successors to take the role of leaders in Israel.  They have a task to reach a particular place and they must take from the enemy what was promised their fore-father Abraham when he left the land of Ur of the Chaldean.

Finally, people will not listen if you do not have your thoughts together.  So, Moses speaking through Aaron because of his speech impediment had to make sure what He said would get across to those who have stubborn spirits and resistant views.

They get quiet enough to hear what the middle aged young man is sharing about the land they are going over to possess.  It flows with milk and honey, it’s resources are in access and abundant.  The clusters are huge.  We can take the cities and towms.  Let’s stand together and pursue this opportunity now.

The people complained and complained, because they did not have faith like that of those who were half their age.   Ma y people will complain because they are older and set with comfort to stay where they have grown accustomed.  They don’t want any more than what they already have.

We cannot leave the family stagnated and double minded.