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Who Called for Some Guardians?

“Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?”  – Mark 4:40 ERV

So many are so afraid of what men can do. It lets me know that they do not have real faith in their God as they claimed.  When we let men put fear in us, we are at their mercy.  The Scripture says; whom shall I fear?  I say no one in the flesh.  I don’t care how tough or frightening a person can be.  Don’t let them cause you to back away from what you believe.  Strength is in our allegiance to the Lord.  If we sever that connection we lose protection that we truly must have to remain safe.  Without faith in the Lord, we walk in fear.  Let’s stand on the promise of the Lord.  He protects us to the end of our existence.  Fear is weakening us each day we allow it to take place in our hearts.  We should stand and not fall in fear to the life in this world.  He is asking you and I, what are we afraid of?   Let us stand in unison with the Spirit as He leads us to the final stages of our faith walk.  Let us put on the whole armor of God, and find the strength within us to stand on our faith and not the quick sand of fear and doubt.  God is our refuge and strength, and a very present help in the time of trouble.  We should never be afraid of the enemy.  God has your back, and not just for a moment, but for all the time that you and i walk on this earth.  He is not trying to kill, steal and destroy you.  That’s the enemy who wants your sudden death, the one working hard to get rid of you all together.  If he could convince the Lord that you are a waste of time, he would without regard to how you feel or what you have going for you.  The devil is cold blooded murderer, and an efficient liar.  So, seeing you cannot convert the devil, don’t be ashamed of who He has made you to be.  Shine for Christ no matter where you have been or where you will end up in life.  Serve the Lord with gladness in your soul, and forget those things of the past.