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If Your Fasting.

Is not this the fast that I choose:

    to loose the bonds of wickedness,
    to undo the straps of the yoke,
to let the oppressed go free,
    and to break every yoke?”

— Isaiah 58:6 ESV


What did we think? God changed the fornat, because we cannot push back on the plate for a time? Maybe, we have a problem in relationships because, we are to fast at times in our marriages, and then come together to rub salt in the enemies eyes, because we wont allow Him to destroy everything and everyone around us.

To fast, means to stop eating and drink water and maybe a slice of bread for a certain particular set of days.  But, it truely means we have to have the ability to resist our teptations to do the proper fast.  We cant eat anything for a perood of 7, 14, or, even 30, to 40 days at a time.  That is difficult for the average believer to comprehend.  So, we should never place that upon a novice in faith.  Fasting and prayer, are tools used in our arsenal to defeat the enemy.  If we dont have that ability to push the table away or even remove ourselves  from a particular place so that we are not tempted to sin, then how will we be able to resist the enemy?.  If we mess up a fasting opportunity, then we just simply start over.  Again in the upper room, they were fasting and praying for the Holy Ghost to visit with them. We need to do the work of proper fasting.  The Word tells us that the way to fast, is not to sit in a slumped position throwing ashes on our head.  We are not to walk around looking homely and starving, telling eveyone we are fasting for the Lord.  Number one, fasting is not for God.  Fasting is for us.  It show’s discipline on our part when we can take a 12 hour to 24 hour fast to stop the enemies attacks upon us.  

Prayer is the power,  fasting is the sacrifice.

We used to fast, and we got out of the habit, because we assume it is not a requirement.  Yet, the Word tells us that if we are going to do that type of sacrifice,  we must do it in service as well.  The Word tells us that fasting and praying helps us fight against demons.  It is a tool to assist is in recieving power from on high.  Fasting makes us pure to our Holy God that we may be recieved in His presence.  So, we must get back to fasting and prayer.  We miss the power of our Lord when we avoid accessing this gift from God.  We miss utilizing all that it entails when we donot operate in the guide lines of proper fasting methods.  Help the homeless, and visit the sick and widowed.  Do something with your fasting that says to God you are willing to extend your efforts to walk in true power as a result of this gift God provides.