Bishop Dr. M. L. Craddock Sr.

Michael Craddock was born in Kansas City Mo. His mither is Leta Craddock Davis. He has 2 siblings, his sister Meda Craddock , and brother, Steven Yancy Sr, other sibling through marriage of mother, and father.

Dr Michael recieved his doctorates from Faith Bible College and Theological Seminary of Independence Mo. in 2001. He graduated from Westport Sr High in 1987. Attended Professional Business School, and Business Technical Center if MCC.

He married Sharron M. McCarver in 1988 and together they have 14 children. He was ordained in 1987 as an Elder in the S.C.O.G.I.C. (Spiritual Church of God In Christ).

He recently was ordained by Arch-Bishop H. Jackson and Chief Apostle McDonald to the office of Bishop in 2015. Dr Michael is currently working on 20 Encouragement Books. He is the Bishop of Judah I c FWC and Ministries Network in Belton Mo. 816 754 6837

He is a Worship Leader, song writer, Producer, Audio engineer, Musician, Mentor, Vocal Coach, Spiritual Counselor, Marital Counselor, Professional Driver.


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