Controlled Thoughts

Above all, be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life.

Proverbs 4:23 ERV
Where does everything begin for mankind. In our minds. Our thoughts must be controlled, even more than our acts.
If we act it out before we have thought on it, our minds are then out of control. That’s when you can claim a status of crazy or bi-polar if then legally, because your mind has seemingly locked you out from accessing your normal self.

Lots of people are what they have diagnosed as a behavioral problem. schizophrenic, or maybe more so they have issues with concentration, a mild behavioral disorder dealing with attention span.

Either way we must not lean to our own understanding especially when what we have processed as thought comes out against the Biblical principals that the Lord have established over the centuries.

Our disposition may be due to the thoughts we harbor on everyday. How a man thinks coincides with what He speaks out of his mouth about any given subject.

If you think little of your situations and circumstances to the point of denial and self imploding. These thoughts are not God’s towards you and I.

God says He knows His own thoughts towards man, to give him everything that he may need and want that is in the reasoning of God’s perfect will.

Keep your minds stayed upon the Bible principals and you won’t go down the paths of destruction.

Let the Word of the Lord for your life, lead you to green pastures and Brooks, or Meadows, that you might bring from the provision of God’s greatness.

Stand only on the love God has given you, not on the stuff He has provided, those things to will pass onward.


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