Finger Pointer’s At Me.

10 So that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ.

Phil. 1. 10


So that people do not have their fingers pointing your direction, you might want to make sure your walk is clean. Make sure that you can’t be blamed. Not like those times when you did share the secret info, but said it wasn’t you who told the story.

I would also hate to miss Eternal Life, because I cannot get my gossiping under control.

That’s actually what BackBiting is called according to Scripture. Tail bearing as well. I don’t want the last input of the Holy Pen writing in the books of the works of men, to record my last action of betrayal.

There are may’s in this Scripture. That tells me we could mess our good walk at anytime during transference from death to life in God through Christ.

We may choose any action we think is necessary, but we need to comprehend that what takes place after the action is complete needs to Glorify the Savior and not ourselves.

If they point at you in judgement, just know there will be an investigation of your life through and through.

I want to come out of this clean, but I thank the Lord for the Blood that washes us clean. Christ knows we cannot be clean by ourselves. We can’t be right without the Law giver in our hearts. Reminding us how we are to carry ourselves before the presence of the Creator and King.

Christ is the example of Holy living. He accomplished what men often assume is very hard to do. He was able to be ye perfect and Holy and blameless before men, and His Father. We have an excuse right now as we read this blog, as to the reasoning behind our imperfect character flaws. We don’t have a need to be perfect or holy, because we have concluded that this God and His Son are nothing but a fictional story. There is no validity in any if the information we have received over the centuries. Even with concrete evidence that has cast a shadow over the doubters.

We believe this truth is without error. Men cannot fathom the complete history that have been laid before the minds of strong willed men, who had no other choice but to concede and accept this truth. Jesus is Lord of all, and the Son of God who was slain for the sins of the world. The requirement is only to believe on Him and receive Eternal Life.


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