To Many With You.

And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people that are with you are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, my own hand has saved me. Judge. 7. 2


When the Lord wants to do something miraculous, He is not interested in using a crowd to get it done.

God uses a handful of folk to change the Dynamics of man. It took one to rally the troops that were there who didn’t have a care about being clean and neat about it. They lapped as a dog, they desired to drink the water that was provided to them in what looks a little Savage, but in all essence they were truest of character and ruthless about getting the job done.

Even though Gideon doubted himself, that God chose the right leader for the troubled time. God knows you and I may not have assurance within ourselves,but He sends those to us that can get down and dirty if they need to.

He doesn’t want an army led by crafty men who think they know it all and how it is supposed to be. Our Creator looks for the ones willing to lay it all on the line for the purpose in which they are called to the task.

We don’t need to many people in our corner, we just need the right people who don’t waver under pressure of the surrounding enemy.

If we try to fight this good fight like we play a sport, matching the men and women to each other trying to make sure it is an even match, then we aren’t doing it the way God would.

God makes uneven work. He secures our future on the backs of 12 unsure characters who are questioned by everyone they know. Jesus picks the suspicious ones to be His followers, just like the Father does.

Gideon tested to make sure he heard the Spirit and voice of the Lord accordingly, so that he would not go out there on his own strength.

If you know the voice and Spirit of your Creator and King. Then you will know, you donot need a host of men to win in the battles of this Earth.

God causes the few and proud of His elite taskforce to come in after the force of nature rocks their world and then Gideon and the warriors can come in and clean up what the Lord left on the ground. The Glory is the Lord God of Israel, and not the works of men.

What can you say if you didn’t know the plans of attack until the last minute, or you didn’t understand why the Lord had you doing things that seemed to expose you to the enemy, as opposed to keeping things hidden.

The Red Sea experience said a lot about the strategies of how God defends His children against the enemy.

He allows the enemy to assume they have the upper hand and then He comes in from all sides and embarrasses them until they are more.

Do not allow yourself to become an enemy of the Creator , and King.

Don’t get on the bad side of the Father, left you be in the dark and unaware of His approach.


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