Running to win.

King James 2000 Bible
And if a man also competes as an athlete, yet is he not crowned, unless he strives lawfully. 2 Tim. 2 .5

Gods Law still exist to better our situations, not just punish us to death. If you run this race according to the Law, Commandme ts of the Holy Script. Would not the Lord bless your endeavors?

If the world puta your abilities to the test and tells you that you have acheived something great that they would give you a reward, or trophy for winning the race accordong to the standards that have been set in the rules you agreed to.

God is not short at blessing you for obedience to His Word. He will not punish you if you dont come in first. In fact, you get the same rewards as the person who does Come in first. The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. Either way, there is an equal reward for us all.

This race is not given to fast runners and swift leadership. The only thing Gos wants us to be swift at, is hearing.

Everything else He wants us to relax and move with the Spirit of God. We will acheive greater success with the Lord if we slow down amd wait upon the Lord to release the next assignment He wants us to carry out.

The song says, You Cant Hurry God, you have to give it time and wait. While your in a waiting position. Also, pray for the strength and wisdom to fulfill the Lord perfect will.

Donot be hasty and rush yourself into making more mistakes. Just as the runner must prepare him/herself, wait through training. Wait through prayer, and fasting. We must fast to get things done. Not be fast to get things done. In being fast, we miss the instructions that are in the bottom of the package, and we end up with unfinished work.

I have said to many with over the years. Your desks are piled high if unfinished assignments from the Lord. God won’t allow His work to go unfinished, He just pushes it to the next available servant willing to be put to the Spiritual task, not the test. God doesn’t tempt us to fail. He challenges is to succeed. He motivated you with quiet time, where you donot hear a Word from the Lord for a time, so that He can make you just slightly delirious without Him. That is if we truly love Him to the core.

People who love God to their core, have to have His presence just as much as people who are on a norcatic. God is addicting through the Spirit we are connected to Him.

That is why for some of us, we only feel Him in certain places and at particular times in our moments of life. Whether it is a Church setting, or our personal alone time, which if we are honest many of us do not get. Yet, the Lord is found when we seek Him. The Savior is available anytime we need to be encouraged.

Don’t run this life as an opponent to others, run this life as a team together, and we will all get to the finished line.


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