Controlled Thoughts

Above all, be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life. Proverbs 4:23 ERV _____________________________ Where does everything begin for mankind. In our minds. Our thoughts must be controlled, even more than our acts. If we act it out before we have thought on it, our minds are then out of control. That’s […]

Not True Fasting

4. Your fasting ends in quarreling and strife, and in striking each other with wicked fists. You cannot fast as you do today, and expect your voice to be heard on high. Isa 5. 4 _____________________________ What kind of fasting is it that we do today, if it is not according the Word of the […]

Finger Pointer’s At Me.

10 So that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ. Phil. 1. 10 _____________________________ So that people do not have their fingers pointing your direction, you might want to make sure your walk is clean. Make sure that you can’t be blamed. […]

To Many With You.

And the LORD said unto Gideon, The people that are with you are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hands, lest Israel vaunt themselves against me, saying, my own hand has saved me. Judge. 7. 2 ___________________________ When the Lord wants to do something miraculous, He is not interested in using […]

Running to win.

King James 2000 Bible And if a man also competes as an athlete, yet is he not crowned, unless he strives lawfully. 2 Tim. 2 .5 Gods Law still exist to better our situations, not just punish us to death. If you run this race according to the Law, Commandme ts of the Holy Script. […]