Thank God I’m Alive

I will live and not die,
and I will tell what the LORD has done.


If we only knew what the Lord had in store for this world.
Donot become to, to, comfortable with how this will play out for the end times. When you know the Scripture gives you and I assurance of the coming of our Lord and Savior to take us with Him.
Most people don’t understand what is taking place in our society. They want to fix men, but they cannot fix them without God’s intervention.

Only the Lord can change the hearts of men to make them pliable enough to give them Jesus.
He is also the only one patient enough to deal with the insaible appetites that come with men’s flesh, because He understands the capacity of our limitations. He knows how far a mans mind can take him, if he is ever able to apply it proplerly.
He is your substance for your life. We trust God to do what He has done, and will continue to do because He doesnt get weary as we do. Thank the Lord He is not so mad at us that His plans change and He decides to wipe us off the planet.

Thank the Lord we get to live even though we have struggles and we at times do not know where to turn, or who we can trust, so it is best to put your complete trust in the Lord who is the maker of all things.

Be glad that you have a story, that you can trust the Lords way


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