From Faith To Faith

For in it is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.

Rom 1. 17

I was talking to the congregation on a Bible Study night, about how at times I feel as if I change to much.

I mean to say, I would prefer to be who I should be as a Man of God.

I joke and laugh and at times I take things past the boundaries that are set for me as that man of the Clothe.

Times when I respond quickly before I have processed what Im actually allowed to say on any g9ven subject. I feel ashamed at tomes because of that quick wit that makes me look a particular version of myself that may not fully represent the Lords favor upon my life.

I’m sure that I am not alone in this delimma. I know that we all have to stand on the same Godly principles that Christ have set as example for us to follow after.

I also know that we can neat ourselves down under the weight of guilt and shame for falling down on the job.

There were many things that was shared during our Bible class from various points of view. It is not God who always has to punish us, there is the Law of Conviction through the Spirit that comes along to warn us of our proximity towards the boundary we should not cross.

Our faith is that important, that we should not just allow ourselves to fold under the pressures that cpme through attemptong to be consistent in our walk.

Condemned is tearing things downnand discarding the waste of it. So, there is therefore no condemnation that comes to those of faith, but there is conviction that should correct our attitude so that we do not loose this faith we have gained over the years.

This Scripture is reminding us to live it put loud, not just dping the work, but also having the clarity of belief in the Lord. That we donit stray from His love and protection because we are in this world, and among the people of it.

We talked anout making sure that just like the spinning top we ised to try to keep in place and spin it as hard as we could. That top always topples over, and hits corners and falls off the tables or curbs, depending on where your playing with it at.

Our faith can be spinned as hard as we want it, it might hit up against others and it migjt even fall over, but just like that kid who picks the spinning top back up amd tworls it again. We keep our faith going as much as we can. From the excitement that faith produces in its use, as it spins what is seemingly out of control. That is its momentum, its constant drive that draws us to pick it right back up again, and again.


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