One Way Hearts.

Jeremiah 32:39  and I will give them one heart and ONE WAY, that they may fear Me always, for their own good and for the good of their children after them.


Truthfully, there is only one way you live your life.  Either in the way of good and righteous, or evil, and full of deception.

We dont have another choice in the matter.  We are either right or wrong.  There is no in between, to be quite truthful with you my brother, and sister.

This way is the path the Creator wants you to go in, and no other way is acceptable.  People tend to run with their own direction amd then they say it was God who led them in that path.  That is not the truth all the time, especially if things didnt work accordong to the will or the Word of the Lord.

We must be very careful not to point at our Father and Creator, when we are traveling on the journey of faith, because it could look as if we are giving the impression we are blaming the Lord for our situations.  Donor get me wrong, God does use corcumstances and situations to get our attention.  Most of the time, we set oirselves in the corner, and we think it is the Lord punishing our efforts when it is just our own confusion that caused us to sit ourselves our of the fight.

We need to see the difference in walking our direction in life as opposed to the direction that God has ordered for our steps.

When things go wring as so often they do when I take over my journey, that is enough to tell me to stop right there and get directions from the Spirit.  I’m not one to travel haphazardly, I have to know this is the right way and how much time do I have to get there.  I have to map it out and get the cost if the trip, so Im not eager to just run all over God green earth and be in the wrong place after I get there.


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