Beauty For Ashes

To provide for them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them BEAUTY FOR ASHES, the OIL OF JOY for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.

Kjv2000 Isa 61 .3


To deal with issues in our lives, we have to face ourselves in the mirror. Look at our reflection agaisnt the truth of the Word of the Lord, to see how we mesaure up to the standard of God.

Many of you give from a place of sorrow yourself. The Word of God from the Prophet Isaiah is for you today. The Lord says Trade with Him at the same exact time that you receive from the Lord Oil of Joy for your mourning.

No one knows the hardships that you face as you attempt to maintain sanity through the zeal of the enemies constant attacks on your life. The minute you get things to let up through your prayers and ability to stand firm on faith in the Lord, then another episode begins. It is almost as if you are watching a televised sitcom of life, that continues to play the next episode after the next, only there is no endi g in sight.

The Lord says again. Trade atthe same time yoir hardship with me, I will not inly give you beauty for the ashes, but oil of joy that is thicker than the tears you mourn over each and every nite.

You do not have a choice it would seem. No matter what you will emd up giving someone else a helping hand. It is always the issue that you have to see another person through their calamity, but no one truly shares in your anguish and struggles.

God is not OK with you having to work through your mental numbness, it just seems as if we are dredding our daily tasks everyday, but we do it because we choose to serve at our maximum gift, with minimum recovery.

Don’t be discouraged, because it seems harder than usual to get out your corner and go into work, or to feel happy when you are sad, Christ our Savior is familiar with the struggles of flesh and the downs that come along with good attempt.

Stay with who you are in Christ, and Him will you find the stamina to press on with your Cross. In Jesus the Savior is all our hope. Not in ourselves, but in the finishing work of the Cross, which carries us all into Glory.

Same time saints, ministers, Pastors, and Apostles. Listen to the Prophet of the Lord as we minister to your hearts. Let Gods Spirit give you the Oil of Joy for that Spirit of Heaviness that seems to weigh you down to where you cannot get up enthusiastic about your days work.

Let the Lord’s Spirit relieve your spirit of his heaviness. Let the Lord transfer to your accounts a deposit of Oil that will rejuvenate your inner man, so that your outer shell will have the strength to press passed itself.

Your silence is your power at this moment. Not saying what you should have said that would satisfied your flesh mind, is a safeguard for your Spirit man.

Keep your soundness that God gives you in the midst of all the turmenting thoughts, that can be extreme all heavily weighed upon your heart. He do sent give us fear, He gives us a sound mind, a stable mind, and a secured mind through Jesus Christ.

Think on thinks that are of good report, that are wholesome and lovely, not disaster that cluster good thoughts. We don’t need more issues in our minds, to justify why we do terrible things to feed our dissatisfaction in life. We need to hear the good report of the active plan the Lord has in our favor. Something that will spark excitement, and exuberance in the Mighty and powerful name of our God and King.


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