Ready Made Lost Boys.

American King James Version
But I said to their children in the wilderness, Walk you not in the statutes of your fathers, neither observe their judgments, nor defile yourselves with their idols

Ez. 20 .18


Are you raising more and more lost children in the next generation?  If you and I didn’t have directions to go in in our youth.  What do you think our children have to go through, trying to find their place under the sun?

Don’t follow the leader, if you know that those who lead are not walking the path that was established by the Word of the Lord.

We should not follow the direction of those who are not living up to the standard of the Word of the Lord.  We donot give disrespect, but we know how to adetermine what is the right words to follow after and what is not the right way to go.  We pay attention, and we donot go blindly behind leadership that doesn’t have a heart for the truth and for standing up right before the Lord.

Some follow popularity, but popularity is not anointing, and it is not favor of God.  There is nothing wrong with liking your leadership and having love for them, but to be lead into the ditch is your fault truly.

Even Israel complained out loud to Moses, because they thought he was bringing them to their death’s.

However, be careful not to turn your inquiry into murmured speech as you seek.  Ask anything of the Lord, but make sure it is in a place of honor to the plans of God.

God answers the prayers of those who are righteous, so He won’t just hear you complain, He should hear you from a standpoint of reverence .  He answers the hearts that pray with an expectation of doing what He has said in their Spirit.


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