Stick In The Mud

King James Bible
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Matt. 6 .21


Where do you hide your treasured possessions?  If the Lord is our treasure, then we only need to hide His Word deep in our hearts.  Collecting materials to survive and have and hold is not the marriage God sanctioned for men.  He gave us all we have and hold that is dearest to our hearts thrpighthw Word of the Lord we keep in our heart.

The secret to our success is the way we carry out what we have learned from the Scriptures.

How to love God, and man alike, but not equally.  Love God more so that you can deal with the variusvchanges love takes in showing others your love.

If we Love the Lord and what He has given to us through Jesus Christ, then we would forever chase after pleasing Him, and not reject the Words of truth that bring life.

Treasures are usually something you have to dig up and search for.  That should not be the way we handle Godlyatters that bring wealth to us and health.

We should not bury the truth so deep that other cannot tell who we belong to.

If we are the Lord’s Property, then we show this possession proudly to all who encounter our being.  We donot parade ourselves as the follish who have no hope of a future in Heaven.

We show that we are His by love and care.  Our responses to one another are gentle always, even when we are displeased with what has been done to us.

Many of us mark the spot we want to return to, because we might have gotten our treasure in dishonesty, and we don’t want anyone to know where it is buried.

X is to remind us of what we did with our treasures, but I would challange  you to let X be the way things used to be in your past understanding.  Let that treasure be an ex and not a future savings account for a future in doing worse in God’s sight.

Just as you use to treasure old lives and old things that have lost their luster, and usefulness.  Let the past of the treasures you have stored on this Earth be what it currently is.  Lost.

Don’t search for it.  Don’t dig it up and rehash old memories of a missed life you wanted to have before this or that happened.  Let the treasures if your heart be wrapped in the Word and perfection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Where ever your treasures are that is where your heart is.

If it is on this Earth, that is where your heart will remain once your flesh has died and the Spirit has lifted from your soul.

Don’t let this stuff keep you grounded to the mud.  After while the tombstone might just be a stick in the mud.



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