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Thank God I’m Alive

I will live and not die,
and I will tell what the LORD has done.


If we only knew what the Lord had in store for this world.
Donot become to, to, comfortable with how this will play out for the end times. When you know the Scripture gives you and I assurance of the coming of our Lord and Savior to take us with Him.
Most people don’t understand what is taking place in our society. They want to fix men, but they cannot fix them without God’s intervention.

Only the Lord can change the hearts of men to make them pliable enough to give them Jesus.
He is also the only one patient enough to deal with the insaible appetites that come with men’s flesh, because He understands the capacity of our limitations. He knows how far a mans mind can take him, if he is ever able to apply it proplerly.
He is your substance for your life. We trust God to do what He has done, and will continue to do because He doesnt get weary as we do. Thank the Lord He is not so mad at us that His plans change and He decides to wipe us off the planet.

Thank the Lord we get to live even though we have struggles and we at times do not know where to turn, or who we can trust, so it is best to put your complete trust in the Lord who is the maker of all things.

Be glad that you have a story, that you can trust the Lords way

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From Faith To Faith

For in it is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.

Rom 1. 17

I was talking to the congregation on a Bible Study night, about how at times I feel as if I change to much.

I mean to say, I would prefer to be who I should be as a Man of God.

I joke and laugh and at times I take things past the boundaries that are set for me as that man of the Clothe.

Times when I respond quickly before I have processed what Im actually allowed to say on any g9ven subject. I feel ashamed at tomes because of that quick wit that makes me look a particular version of myself that may not fully represent the Lords favor upon my life.

I’m sure that I am not alone in this delimma. I know that we all have to stand on the same Godly principles that Christ have set as example for us to follow after.

I also know that we can neat ourselves down under the weight of guilt and shame for falling down on the job.

There were many things that was shared during our Bible class from various points of view. It is not God who always has to punish us, there is the Law of Conviction through the Spirit that comes along to warn us of our proximity towards the boundary we should not cross.

Our faith is that important, that we should not just allow ourselves to fold under the pressures that cpme through attemptong to be consistent in our walk.

Condemned is tearing things downnand discarding the waste of it. So, there is therefore no condemnation that comes to those of faith, but there is conviction that should correct our attitude so that we do not loose this faith we have gained over the years.

This Scripture is reminding us to live it put loud, not just dping the work, but also having the clarity of belief in the Lord. That we donit stray from His love and protection because we are in this world, and among the people of it.

We talked anout making sure that just like the spinning top we ised to try to keep in place and spin it as hard as we could. That top always topples over, and hits corners and falls off the tables or curbs, depending on where your playing with it at.

Our faith can be spinned as hard as we want it, it might hit up against others and it migjt even fall over, but just like that kid who picks the spinning top back up amd tworls it again. We keep our faith going as much as we can. From the excitement that faith produces in its use, as it spins what is seemingly out of control. That is its momentum, its constant drive that draws us to pick it right back up again, and again.

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One Way Hearts.

Jeremiah 32:39  and I will give them one heart and ONE WAY, that they may fear Me always, for their own good and for the good of their children after them.


Truthfully, there is only one way you live your life.  Either in the way of good and righteous, or evil, and full of deception.

We dont have another choice in the matter.  We are either right or wrong.  There is no in between, to be quite truthful with you my brother, and sister.

This way is the path the Creator wants you to go in, and no other way is acceptable.  People tend to run with their own direction amd then they say it was God who led them in that path.  That is not the truth all the time, especially if things didnt work accordong to the will or the Word of the Lord.

We must be very careful not to point at our Father and Creator, when we are traveling on the journey of faith, because it could look as if we are giving the impression we are blaming the Lord for our situations.  Donor get me wrong, God does use corcumstances and situations to get our attention.  Most of the time, we set oirselves in the corner, and we think it is the Lord punishing our efforts when it is just our own confusion that caused us to sit ourselves our of the fight.

We need to see the difference in walking our direction in life as opposed to the direction that God has ordered for our steps.

When things go wring as so often they do when I take over my journey, that is enough to tell me to stop right there and get directions from the Spirit.  I’m not one to travel haphazardly, I have to know this is the right way and how much time do I have to get there.  I have to map it out and get the cost if the trip, so Im not eager to just run all over God green earth and be in the wrong place after I get there.

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The Gathering.

Psalm 26:9  Gather not my soul with sinners


When the Lord instructs His Angels to gather the souls,  I pray that I am not on the hit list to be removed from my post.

i want to be in that number, when the Saints are called to their eternal place in the Lords House.  I donot want to be placed in a catch 22 position, and not truly have a place where I belong.

If God has a mansion and doesnt invite the guests, what would He have need of.

I don’t want to be associated with the ones who will be puniishedd for not


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Beauty For Ashes

To provide for them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them BEAUTY FOR ASHES, the OIL OF JOY for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.

Kjv2000 Isa 61 .3


To deal with issues in our lives, we have to face ourselves in the mirror. Look at our reflection agaisnt the truth of the Word of the Lord, to see how we mesaure up to the standard of God.

Many of you give from a place of sorrow yourself. The Word of God from the Prophet Isaiah is for you today. The Lord says Trade with Him at the same exact time that you receive from the Lord Oil of Joy for your mourning.

No one knows the hardships that you face as you attempt to maintain sanity through the zeal of the enemies constant attacks on your life. The minute you get things to let up through your prayers and ability to stand firm on faith in the Lord, then another episode begins. It is almost as if you are watching a televised sitcom of life, that continues to play the next episode after the next, only there is no endi g in sight.

The Lord says again. Trade atthe same time yoir hardship with me, I will not inly give you beauty for the ashes, but oil of joy that is thicker than the tears you mourn over each and every nite.

You do not have a choice it would seem. No matter what you will emd up giving someone else a helping hand. It is always the issue that you have to see another person through their calamity, but no one truly shares in your anguish and struggles.

God is not OK with you having to work through your mental numbness, it just seems as if we are dredding our daily tasks everyday, but we do it because we choose to serve at our maximum gift, with minimum recovery.

Don’t be discouraged, because it seems harder than usual to get out your corner and go into work, or to feel happy when you are sad, Christ our Savior is familiar with the struggles of flesh and the downs that come along with good attempt.

Stay with who you are in Christ, and Him will you find the stamina to press on with your Cross. In Jesus the Savior is all our hope. Not in ourselves, but in the finishing work of the Cross, which carries us all into Glory.

Same time saints, ministers, Pastors, and Apostles. Listen to the Prophet of the Lord as we minister to your hearts. Let Gods Spirit give you the Oil of Joy for that Spirit of Heaviness that seems to weigh you down to where you cannot get up enthusiastic about your days work.

Let the Lord’s Spirit relieve your spirit of his heaviness. Let the Lord transfer to your accounts a deposit of Oil that will rejuvenate your inner man, so that your outer shell will have the strength to press passed itself.

Your silence is your power at this moment. Not saying what you should have said that would satisfied your flesh mind, is a safeguard for your Spirit man.

Keep your soundness that God gives you in the midst of all the turmenting thoughts, that can be extreme all heavily weighed upon your heart. He do sent give us fear, He gives us a sound mind, a stable mind, and a secured mind through Jesus Christ.

Think on thinks that are of good report, that are wholesome and lovely, not disaster that cluster good thoughts. We don’t need more issues in our minds, to justify why we do terrible things to feed our dissatisfaction in life. We need to hear the good report of the active plan the Lord has in our favor. Something that will spark excitement, and exuberance in the Mighty and powerful name of our God and King.

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Ready Made Lost Boys.

American King James Version
But I said to their children in the wilderness, Walk you not in the statutes of your fathers, neither observe their judgments, nor defile yourselves with their idols

Ez. 20 .18


Are you raising more and more lost children in the next generation?  If you and I didn’t have directions to go in in our youth.  What do you think our children have to go through, trying to find their place under the sun?

Don’t follow the leader, if you know that those who lead are not walking the path that was established by the Word of the Lord.

We should not follow the direction of those who are not living up to the standard of the Word of the Lord.  We donot give disrespect, but we know how to adetermine what is the right words to follow after and what is not the right way to go.  We pay attention, and we donot go blindly behind leadership that doesn’t have a heart for the truth and for standing up right before the Lord.

Some follow popularity, but popularity is not anointing, and it is not favor of God.  There is nothing wrong with liking your leadership and having love for them, but to be lead into the ditch is your fault truly.

Even Israel complained out loud to Moses, because they thought he was bringing them to their death’s.

However, be careful not to turn your inquiry into murmured speech as you seek.  Ask anything of the Lord, but make sure it is in a place of honor to the plans of God.

God answers the prayers of those who are righteous, so He won’t just hear you complain, He should hear you from a standpoint of reverence .  He answers the hearts that pray with an expectation of doing what He has said in their Spirit.

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Stick In The Mud

King James Bible
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

Matt. 6 .21


Where do you hide your treasured possessions?  If the Lord is our treasure, then we only need to hide His Word deep in our hearts.  Collecting materials to survive and have and hold is not the marriage God sanctioned for men.  He gave us all we have and hold that is dearest to our hearts thrpighthw Word of the Lord we keep in our heart.

The secret to our success is the way we carry out what we have learned from the Scriptures.

How to love God, and man alike, but not equally.  Love God more so that you can deal with the variusvchanges love takes in showing others your love.

If we Love the Lord and what He has given to us through Jesus Christ, then we would forever chase after pleasing Him, and not reject the Words of truth that bring life.

Treasures are usually something you have to dig up and search for.  That should not be the way we handle Godlyatters that bring wealth to us and health.

We should not bury the truth so deep that other cannot tell who we belong to.

If we are the Lord’s Property, then we show this possession proudly to all who encounter our being.  We donot parade ourselves as the follish who have no hope of a future in Heaven.

We show that we are His by love and care.  Our responses to one another are gentle always, even when we are displeased with what has been done to us.

Many of us mark the spot we want to return to, because we might have gotten our treasure in dishonesty, and we don’t want anyone to know where it is buried.

X is to remind us of what we did with our treasures, but I would challange  you to let X be the way things used to be in your past understanding.  Let that treasure be an ex and not a future savings account for a future in doing worse in God’s sight.

Just as you use to treasure old lives and old things that have lost their luster, and usefulness.  Let the past of the treasures you have stored on this Earth be what it currently is.  Lost.

Don’t search for it.  Don’t dig it up and rehash old memories of a missed life you wanted to have before this or that happened.  Let the treasures if your heart be wrapped in the Word and perfection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Where ever your treasures are that is where your heart is.

If it is on this Earth, that is where your heart will remain once your flesh has died and the Spirit has lifted from your soul.

Don’t let this stuff keep you grounded to the mud.  After while the tombstone might just be a stick in the mud.


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Flesh is a no, no.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
For we are the circumcision, those who serve God in The Spirit, and we glory in Yeshua The Messiah, and we do not trust upon the flesh.

Phil. 3. 3


A circumcised heart, is a heart that is opened to the Lord’s Word.  One that is moved by the Spirit and not the flesh.  One who is humbled by the forgiveness it received of the Lord.

Our hearts are pure through the corrective and instructive Word of God.

A heart that has been removed of all possibilities of the enemy’s accessibility to get in and revert the truth, is fully aware and ready to face the challenge of being righteous and clean before God.

This heart is not attracted to fulfilling what the flesh desire, this heart has no connection to the outside, so that it’s influence is rarely met.

We donot want our hearts condemned to death.  We desire to be clean in heart, and in mind.  So that weeeat the Lord’s perfection with a willing and ready heart.

We put ourselves aside, we make sure that we donot always make ourselves available to the flesh calls.  We fight against the suggestions to fall into misconduct.

This is a heart free of the foreskin of dishonor.  This is a heart stripped of flagrance and deception.  We donot try to sneak ourselves away from the view of the Creator to sin, to lay in the arms of persuasive perversiin.

We tell our actions to the Lord and to those we have grown close with, so that we have protection in those days where sin awaits in our inboxes of life.

As long as the enemy has access to our minds and hearts, we  must resist his advance.  Fight against the movement of his underlings, and step out of the road way to the Broadway of fleshly weakness.

For with our flesh we connect with humanity, and also with that same flesh we stand in example of proper attitudes of living a life unto the Lord.

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Not By God.

Isaiah 45:17
But Israel will be saved by the LORD with an everlasting salvation; you will not be put to shame or humiliated, to ages everlasting.


Join the people of the Lord, and be safe.

We are the people of God, and He is our Creator.  He will see the way clear for you to be safe and not under the hand of the enemy.

God is everlasting, an Eternal King, and we are an everlasting people who exist in Him, and not on our own.

Trust that the Lord will shine His Everlasting light in your direction.  He will not let your enemies take advantage of you.  They won’t gain access to the blessings you have been given.

Expect the Lord to help you.  Look for His covering, look for Him to open up the windows of Heaven, and pour blessings your way.

Men will come to give unto your bossom, because the Lord has favored your walk in him.

What others don’t want you to have, is not your concern, when the Lord truly wants you to be blessed beyond measure.

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Jesus Took Hold To His Collar.

King James Bible

And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt.

Matt. 14:31

Sometimes God have to lay hands on us to stop us from foolish acts in our lives.  We get carried away with what we want to do, not realizing that the Lord doesn’t approve of our actions.  We can’t explode on people like we would in normal settings.

Peter is good at taking matters into His own hands.  He attacks when he feels surrounded by the enemy in every side.  Just like some of us.  We turn and fight immediately, instead of waiting for the Lord to give us our response to crisis.

Trust Christ and He will make sure you and I know His plans on how we should carry out our duties.

The Lord should not have to catch hold to us, if we are hearing His instructions carefully.  I know this Scripture doesn’t really leave you with that impression.  As if Peter is out of control, it is just how the Spirit is feeding me this thought to share with you all.

We take off and run with the message that some of us donot comprehend fully ourselves.

Just because you have a calling, doesn’t mean you can start up your own program and run with it, expecting the Lord to cover as you get it, as you go.

It takes years to get ready for the plan God has ordered for our lives. Many are called, but only a few of us get the full understanding of His message to carry it in the right mindset.

There is no shortage in this field of harvest.  The harvest is plentiful, but those who work in the field are few.

Christ will catch hold to you and I just when we step over the boundaries, and set us all straight.  It takes faith in Christ to move forward.  Belief that He knows what He has ordered for us to do.

It is the Father’s perfect plan that the Lord Jesus wants to get done in us as long as we are willing vessels waiting to be filled with the new wine of the Covenant.

We work in His vineyard, and not our own.  This is not our vision that is being shown to the world, but the vision of the Father they must see.

Christ just wants to please the Father.  Do you want to please the Father is my question?