Unsearchably Wealthy.

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
To me, I who am the least of all The Holy Ones, this grace has been given, that I should preach The Good News among the Gentiles, the unsearched wealth of The Messiah.

Eph. 3. 8


You cannot find where the wealth begins and ends in Christ. This is a never ending, ongoing tab that will not be emptied out.

You and I can find the wealth of our Savior to be unmatched through out our time.

He will not let you beg to survive. What ever you have need of ask for it earnestly and He will supply your needs according to His riches in Glory.

We do not get what we need because we look for it in one demention. We only see our wealth as monetary, and not in the capacity that He supplies readily.

God gives us more than just money and food. He supplies more then material goods and services to His children. We have to see the endless supplies that come through the Holy Spirit, as something He has given to is because of our faith in Him.

Do you truly understand how much you have at your disposal? How much the Lord made available to us who believe in the miraculous power of our Almighty King?

People don’t know, because they don’t ask for the right benefits that come along with salvation.

Love is a benefit.

Joy is a benefit that comes with your salvation.

The unsearchable wealth that comes to us all through belief in the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord, and Savior.

No one truly knows your wealth unless your tell them. They can only speculate based upon what they have calculated through sight, and facts based upon paperwork you turned in to them.

You do not tell them all that you posses, because the enemy will try to undermine your situations and take what is right fully your by God. The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and they that dwell there in.

He gave it to you, they aren’t bad enough to take it from. You.


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