Eyes Are On You.

Psalm 34:15 The eyes of the LORD are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their cry.


The Lord has His eyes on you and I

We can’t keep going in the direction that we have been. We must correct our nature, and align our hearts with the Spirit of God.

Get ourselves from being in the perverbial noose that we always end up in at the end of the situation.

We are stifling our own personal growth because we are not following the Lord’s standards. We are trying to keep our old and new together, and they are at odds with one another.

Saints cannot also be non-believers too. We must be totally committed to the will and the Word of the Lord.

You and I can get the Lord’s attention, because we are right. The righteous gets the attention from the Lord because we live the way He has ordered for us to go.

If you do not receive of the Lord as you should, it may be because we are not in the right mindset, or attitude to have favor the Lord gives to His people.

The Lord hears the cry of His people especially.  There is nothing He won’t do for you.  Put your trust in the Lord, and not in men.

Stay with His plans, and don’t walk away from the truth you have received of the Lord.

There is no permission to skirt around the truth.  We have the duty and requirement to make sure that we donot make ourselves and embarrassment as we carry out our actions before the Lord.

God is looking at how we present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those we encounter.

If we want Him to keep our issues in mind and help us by supplying all of our needs, we have to make sure that we are in the right position to receive, even when we are down in the trenches of life.

If we are in the trenches, we must make sure it is not on the enwmies side, as if we have turn against the Lord, but realized He is more powerful and now we long to get ourselves right, but we aren’t in the right position of mind and we end up having to deal with the discipline of God for turning against Him.

He hears your cry on the regular.


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