Peace Like A River

Isaiah 48:18
If only you had paid attention to My commandments, your peace would have been like a river, and your righteousness like waves of the sea.


If we would have paid close attention to the Lord directions for our soul. We would be at peace.

Some of us have gone through hardship because we allow ourselves to go through a rushing river experience. We don’t always listen to the Word directly that the Lord has given us and we end up in a rushing wave of emotions all at once.

Things happen like that rapids. Constantly bombarding you from one end of your life to the next. It could cause you to be sock to your soul, because of the emotions that it takes to maintain your steady life before God and man.

If we had listened to the Lord through the Holy Spirit in the first place. Then we would not have ran into the storms that have come in our lives.

We have to open up our minds to receive the Word of God. Even if there is correction within the Word directed towards us,, we must have ears that are willing to hear, and the wisdom to know how to implement His plans within our walk.

It is time to pay more close attention to the Spirit direction. We need to avoid the pitfalls that come with living our lives in a reckless and meaningless way.

If we hear correctly, then we don’t have to sit with our mouths full of complaints because it didn’t happen accordingly.

We will have those times when it doesn’t go as planned, that is when we stop planning and let the Spirit give the play by play to Devine leading. It’s not up to you and I to give ourselves the Ok for our steps. If we want to be the righteous of God.


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