On The Fences.

1Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come.

St. Lk. 17:1


We need to watch out when we bring offence to others. God doesn’t support His children just walking around being offensive to people on purpose. We can inadvertently offend without a reason, but we must be aware of our common-ness to others, how familiar we become with other. In being close with a person, we donot walk carefully amongst each other. We can be honest, but not mean and sarcastic in our responses.

It is a for sure thing. It is not always possible to get through a day in your life and not offend someone.

We must be careful to rember the Lord has an expectation for His people. We cannot join the world in acting outwardly dishonorable. We must show dignity in acts of righteousness. If we underperform in our actions, we show others that it is ok to mess up in our walk and not be responsible in well doing. We show others that we are ok with living a partial life, and not live a whole life in Christ.

Messing up happens, but woe to those who diliberately carry themselves in a manner that is unrighteousness.

There is no excuse for living a shady believers life. Christ is our example of how we should love and He has never excused half walking and half talking in faith.

We cannot take the Lord’s name in vain, recall that. Never blaspheme the Holy Ghost. Do not vow anything in the Lord’s name. These are but a few items we must adjere to each and everyday we decide to live a Holy life.


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