Won’t The Lord Do It.

Exodus 14:13 Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord.


We are to busy trying to salvage our own reputation. The Lord saved you, and He is the one who can protect you from all harm. If we leave our problems to the Lord our Savior, we won’t stumble in our faith. When we take matters into our own hands, we tend to become people who are angrier than normal.

He did for you and me, when we couldn’t do for ourself. We could not save ourselves, we had not the ability nor the authority to forgive our. Only the Lord has the power to forgive is our sins and redeem us from the curse of sin and death.

We will do fine if we recall that the Father has given us life and favor through His only begotten Son.

We cannot be safe always on the move. Stand still and stop moving the line of scrimmage on the field. We can’t referee our ownselves, because we do not a place for the soul of men.

Only the Lord can hide us under the shadow of the Almighty, and for that to take place and make sense to us, we.must be completely exposed to all the elements we see under our jurisdiction.

God has to reveal our true selves to us, because we donot look at things the way that He does when it comes down to saving the soul from damnation, fire and brimstone.

He did it when we could not be safe in our place of abode. We can’t find happiness where we currently stand. We must sand still in the right place at the right time in our existence so that He may get glorirous praise from our testimony of how good and how great God truly is to all the earth.

He did it, when we didn’t deserve it.

He did it when we were back biting each other.

He does it even still when we make it hard now for others to join us and become free from their bonds of enemy.


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