How Many You Got?

King James Bible
Then said one unto him, Lord, are there few that be saved? (Pt. a) Lk. 13. 23


To many times in my short life, I’ve heard preachers approach one another with the question.

How many you got ‘Doc’? After I listened to them talking for a minute, I catch what it is they are truly asking each other. How many people are in your congregation? There is always the question of howany, and how large things seem to become through men’s eyes. They are always questioning the amount of something as if that is the real point of all that we are doing here.

If it is about number. The Lord already has the numbers in Heaven. He not short on worshipers to bow before Him, and still he has plenty room for any of us who make it.

Here is a question to you today. How many have you got? Did you reach your daily quota of bringing anyone into the fold of the faith? I know I didn’t.

I don’t know whether or not your out here spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus to those who are lost, or if your just communicating with people who already have a faith, but are not walking in it.

We have a task that is set. We can do more if we just learn to focus on the Lord’s plan of saving people and not our idea of His plans to save. We can not be the new aged Jonah’s of our century, not bringing the Word of truth, because we feel a certain way about who they are and what they deserve to have in our book.

Change has to take place, so why not start in us.


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