Be Apart of It.

All of you together are the body of Christ. Each one of you is a part of that body.

— I Corinthians 12:27 ERV

We are family, I’ve got my sister’s, and brothers with me.

Someone is always telling me how much they love my families gift in the ministry of music. When we are synced together, and the music is correct, we feel confident we are hitting our stride.

When we are in the family of Christ, and our teams are out there being effective. Working together to be good examples of Faith others need to see.

Let us join together and stop beating each other up on things that don’t matter that much.

We can agree that the Lord Jesus is the Savior, and that the Father in Heaven has planned everything to it’s finishing points.

People become stuck in the way things are done under their form of religion, and if it is not that particular way, they can’t see God in others.

Religion is going to a church because you have to, but a relationship is coming to church to testify and be apart of the fellowship one to another. We are to be the example outside the facilities we join.

We are a team that needs to focus on the way the Lord carried Himself amongst others. He is the Lord, but He helped them to change, He didn’t just give up because they were not getting the concept. He lived who He was right in front of them, so they could have an example of how to carry themselves among others who may not have the faith.

Give Him a chance to reach those in your circles. Let Him shine bright through your talk, through the way you walk and how you represent. Do not be judgemental, or critical of others lifestyle. If they smoke, or drink, don’t reject them because you don’t do those things. Some of us do not do things the right way the Lord instructed. Sometimes we take the Glory that belongs to God, when we share with others what we do with our fight hand that is used to bless people. We tell what we gave to our neighbor during our personal testimonies with each other, and though we donot mean any harm, we don’t realize God was robbed because of our inadvertancy to share the secret He gave us to do.


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