Not Many Left

King James Bible
Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.

St. Lk. 10. 2


We have a lot of low hanging fruit potential in this world, but we don’t have the man-power to reach them all in time before they go completely bad.

We could win others to the Lord if we would not be so high-minded and not get involved with others. We look down at people with dishonor and shame. People don’t have to meet my standards, they are supposed to meet the standards of God our Father and Creator.

I don’t have a final resting place for their soul. God has a final place for all of us to reside. Either we are kept on the mainframe of existence,or we are sent to the recylcle bin and given a rediculous number as we rot away in the lake of destruction by fire.

When you have a fire inside of you that burns you must give it a direction to go towards, otherwise we will burn for many other things that are not always Godly.  We can search and grab for things that draw our emotions and feeling into it.

People today are in an emotional and physical firestorm of their own personal doing.  They need to find a direction to turn their passions.  We look for men to fulfill our longings, and they do not have that option to give away.  People are in desperation  for anything that they can draw to, that they can grow from inwardly.

We need to take things seriously, especially of it requires the saving of others.  We need to find the right compassionate heart within us to fulfill the Lord’s purpose.

If we want to be relevant to the Will and the Word of the Lord.   We need to seek the Lord instructions on how we can help reach lost souls, misplaced ambition.

The Lord our Savior has ordered the steps of His righteous disciples and they that dare to follow.  We have to fonf what the secret is to winning souls in our day.  It is not the same as it was in the Day where true miracles happened daily before men’s eyes.

Our fight to reach lost souls are deeper then just people we don’t know.  Our fight to reach those who need salvation is closer to our hearts then we think.  Our own families need to be saved, in some cases we still need deliverance from our own self delusions.  When we think we have made the right decision, and the Spirit informs that we still have a way to go.

All is not lost in Christ, but gained all the more through Him.

In Christ we win souls, through His love for mankind.  My opinion cannot take precedence over the Word and will of the great Creator, and beautiful Savior.

Redemption is nigh.  We can reach other stuff through the truth we live.  Not the truth we think we know, but the Word of God’s path set into motion.


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