The Job of Inner Thinking

King James Bible
How forcible are right words! but what doth your arguing reprove?

Job 6:25


Sitting here around this camp fire with 3 friends who don’t even truly like me. The stooges, slapping themselves around trying to convince me that I am in the wrong because of what I have obtained that they haven’t even applied to their lives yet.

How people come by when it’s hard on you to see how you come through it. Some secretly hope you fold up like a baby and remain perplexed in your inward delimma. Did you know that loved ones want you to fall just as much as those who are just associates of yours?

Have you ever watched how many people try to trip you up because they can not support your success?

Even when they are right in what they deduced and reasoned among themselves before coming to your pity party. They have already discussed your situation and have purposed to be there to see you punished right before their eyes.

They might truly love you, but they still have this need to see that you have fully fallen on your face before them, and oh yeah, definitely before the Lord.

They have the facts of your situation, but their argument to help you through it only deepens your resolve to punish yourself.

God forgives me who have dug into themselves deep enough to wound the soul. Those who haven’t even scrsted themselves, He still has to bop up side the head.

Those who sit around you in your calamity’s, are only there to see you sniffle and wallow in your pitifulness. They don’t mean you any harm truly, they are still kids sitting on the steps trying to beat you at picking the best cars that go by. As if they are really going to have it once it is parked and the person driving by hands them the keys.

It’s a fantasy in their eyes. Ultimately, it’s only a game of who can handle it better than the next person.

You have always worked your way out of the struggles that many have stayed locked in for decades.

You handled the torments and the molestings and the abuses, and got out and far away from it. Others stayed around and remained puppets to the system that built them. Oh, I’m sorry for this deep water, but it must happen at times to get you and I to the place God can be glorified for His most sacred part of our existence.

Don’t be clever, be stronger. Don’t be just wise enough, be wisdom at it’s finest moment and most in-depth level. See all the players on the board and discover how they move in your favor. Each board game of life is a chess game with the enemy, and God is your teacher. Christ will play your part through you.

It is timing and calculations of risks and sacrifice that hurt being made, but you shall recover with Jesus in the midst of your thinking.

You will not be hurt during this loss, this cloak, and dagger experience my friends. You are a secret agent in this fight of right and wrong.

Pick your side quickly and stand on your position He placed you firmly. Don’t just give up easily because you’ve been struck. Stop showing signs of weakness to the enemy. Even though you have a heart for those who are lost, don’t you be lost trying to retrieve their souls in all of this.

Let them sit their and relish in what they think is your dooms day speech, when in fact it is your inward battle that they have had the pleasure of witnessing your victory through it all.

The Job of inner thinking. You’ve won, not winning…… That’s for those who haven’t seen the end.


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