Off The Wall

Mark 9:23
“If You can?” echoed Jesus. “All things are possible to him who believes.


Can you here the Master saying to you, if you believe, all things are possible.

You and I love to say how hard things are, and why it is that we can not get over something difficult in our lives. We love talking about what others have done to us. At times I believe we forget quickly what we’ve done that gives us the Ok to put blame on everyone but ourselves.

The if in this Scripture is huge, because many people can’t get off from under the thoughts that plague their hearts and minds enough to believe the Word of God. We can’t let go of pains and hurts that have only struck our hearts and not our Soul.

We are difficult to bless at times. When we receive we are glad right a way, but as soon as it’s over we are sad. How typical and boring of us to be so normal in that regard. To slack in adventuring through the depth of Spiritual soup. That is to get the gusto from the depth of the taste and see method we should have in God.

Off the wall are the echoed words of our Lord that brings deliverance to those who are willing to hear what has been said, but currently in motion from His voice spoken long ago.

We are just now getting the message of Christ ourselves, so many of it we are hearing after the effects of His death, burial and resurrection.

We believe strongly because of the Spirit of God that reiterates the same message the Disciple heard in their time from the mouth of our Lord.

We get it now, as our ears are impacted with the truth from what has rickoched into our hearts


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