The Mighty Against You

American King James Version
O our God, will you not judge them? for we have no might against this great company that comes against us; neither know we what to do: but our eyes are on you

2 Ch. 20. 12

When you and I get surrounded by people who mean to do us in. Let us remember that is when the Lord secures the hedge He has placed around us.

He is not incapable of protection because you and I do not see what He has set in place.

When we are afraid, we don’t notice that the Lord has given us a guard. We only see the trouble brewing, and we never see that He has placed others to be your strength for you, or with you.

It is not for us to defend our own honor. God is vengeance for, and, He is very good at wiping the earth clean of people who do not matter to the plan. People have a right to be who they are, but not when it torments others to a place of fearing men over reverencing and respecting God with a Holy fear.

I fear in awe and reverence to the magnitude of God great power. I am not afraid of my Creator, but I fear what He can do if I’m not found doing what I have been given in my life’s journey.

You have to have something you fear brothers and sisters in order to have respect.

Don’t fear men, all they can do is hurt your body, and maybe your heart if you get that involved with them, but that’s all they have. They cannot affect your soulish really, the true existence of who you are. Your are a Spirit being living in a fleshly body. You do not cease to exist because your body no long lives.

God will punish Injustice towards the orphan, the widow, and the elderly. He will protect the innocent from everlasting damnation. Even if men take the body and destroy it, God has power over the Spirit and Soul. He is the Creator of this temporary state, and He has made it so that the law of Dominion given to man must be respected, that is why we have such chaos in our society, and such disbelief among the human race.

God has this right where He wants it. He is the Creator of the Chaos that you and I cannot decipher into order. Men cannot get themselves out of this messed up situation, only God can untangle the web of lies and deceit. God sees the beginning from the end and knows exactly where we all stand in the matter of many subjects that weigh heavy on the minds of all people.

I’m wstching how we all agree to destroy ourselves. How we give into our temptations and don’t feel guilty or shame anymore for failing to uphold such truth and righteousness that the Anointed one has shown us.

I to fail each everyday and hate it with a passion, but the next day I’m given another chance to be who God has called me to be.

It is my choice, and if given the ultimatum of life and death were always sitting g before me each day and I had to choose the end results, I’d want to choose life and not death.

But, we all know we choose death automatically…….smh


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