A Head Full.

1 Kings 1:52
And Solomon replied, “If he is a man of character, not a single hair of his will fall to the ground. But if evil is found in him, he will die.

God is not out to hurt us. We do a good job of that on our own. We cause the Creator to have to punish this world by the way we treat others around us. We connive and mistreat those we say we love, and give others we barely know obseen opportunities to double cross us.

If we are good people, then why would there be a hit out on our heads? If we are the worst of the earth, then we deserve the dark matter that keeps creeping up around us and choking out every opportunity to be and do something worth while.

I’m a topical preacher, so you might wonder why I use the Scripture in this fashion when at tunes that may very well be the opposite of what is in the full compass of the text. Our world is trapped by one-liners like, opening acts if you will to our social data streams each day. We are caught in a works wind of partial understandings. People do not want to think any deeper than they should.

So, I don’t feed any more what people donot attempt to enjoy through such in-depth studies. We will do nothing but judge the matter based upon our own interjections of truth we allow.

It is always simple and easy to understand.

The Word of the Lord will not make it hard to grasp. God wsnts us safe and happy, but we will the process by being who we truly are inwardly. Selfish, backstabbing thieves. You are probably saying to yourself, you don’t have a clue sir, and I would say your right, I don’t. I would also say, I pray that I’m wrong on many of my assumptions, because I want to see better things happening in the society we live in, but evil is ALWAYS present when good gets good.

King Solomon is responding to a brother who took it upon himself to celebrate something that was not his. Many people today are just like his brother, they celebrate false hope, they steal position and cause others to become allies of their treachery. You may have had some to try and steal your thunder, but know that the Lord will cause you to ride in the midst of the crowd and He will anoint you for the task when the other sits at his table with meal of crow on his/her plate.

God knows who is doing there best to serve righteously. This hairs will grow then after while, and soon those people will become bald from worry and stress. Not ever realizing the Lord choice is not theirs to permit.


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