Can’t Help Heart Felt.

King James Bible
Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck; write them upon the table of thine heart.

Prov. 3 3


What does your heart say in regards to truth and righteousness? Mercy and Grace comes from the Father to us His children through Jesus Christ.

Yet, we can choose to be merciful and full of truth towards our fellow man. Give forgiveness to those who need it not deserve it, because we all have need of true unadulterated forgivenness. This will show how much of Christ resides in is, when we are full of mercy and truth.

So now we see what the issues truly are when there are disagreements. No mercy or truth comes from us, only confusion and anger.

If we are to be like Christ in every way , and not partially, we must be full of His attributes, and not fall to our own ideologies.

Being like Him should create in us all a clean heart and a renewed right Spirit. That we might perform better while dealing with various people in various places we find ourselves.

Bind them to your kneck. Mercy and truth, and do not for sale them. Put on the Mercies of God that are made new for you and me each and every morning. Those same mercies should be pinched off of as we deal with relatives and friends, or associates.

Give mercy where it is not due. Extend Grace because it has been advantageous to your walk.

My Uncle Author wrote a beautiful song. Daily Walking. We must remember we are all seeking audience with the Maker God our Father in Heaven. We desire to spend time with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. It requires a daily effort to be convinced of the Facts, we cannot make it to Where all Glory without these attributes that save our miserable lives.

Thank God for the prime example Jesus is, without Him we would be lost in a time capsule waiting to be discovered and set free.

Sin has shaped our inquiries, and we fight a loosing battle in the flesh. Let us turn from those wicked thoughts that create this void and distance betweenam and his Creator King.

Let is stop scratching our cornea to see why, what, when and where, and scratch the table of the heart with the Word of God.

Let God speak the columns of truth that is a direct route to remaining in the Grace, Mercy and Truth.


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