Well Doing Well

Well Doing Well.
We must not get tired of doing good. We will receive our harvest of eternal life at the right time. We must not give up.

Fristratedby daily obstacles can keep us off the expected path God has designed for His children to be on.

It is not that He doesn’t know where you and I are at any given time to retrieve us to Himself. The path is for our safety and for us to show the Father our true obedience to the Written expressed Word of the Lord.

Fainting is not an option for believers in Christ. That is left up to religious nuts who follow a pattern of faith that is without the Holy Spirit who gives comfort and strength to us who remain.

Good deeds begat good rewards. If you remain faithful to the good God has imlarted unto you. Why would He not give you the good of the land as am inheritance for your continued devotion and love towards the King of Glory?

Do we think God doesn’t exist? Are we like unto those who easily give up and turn back to the road most familiar because we do not know where we are going?

Unfamiliar territory’s are made to be explored. Discover God’s goodness towards you as His favored child. Possess the good of the opportunities that come your way through faith and determination to please Him no matter where you go.

Reach to new expectations in your service of righteousness. Do not become like those who turn their backs on the written Word and take on the world views of faith.

Those who have settled for this inclusiveness that doesn’t warrant change on the inside. Those who have been washed in universalistic believe of many gods who have various duties that make the universe work.

Those who have repalced the omniscient with only science and not the full measure expressed through the all knowingness of our Creative Father and King.

Don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel and you haven’t even began to fight back against spiritual wickedness in those high places of the world.


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