When God Is with You.

King James Bible
And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest

Exod. 33:14


Leading people from bondage to freedom is always going to be heavier than expected.

When you are called to be the deliverer of your family, they don’t understand why it is that you had to be the one. They can accept the popular vote of someone else other than you.

Moses had this task give to him by the Lord God to go into the land of Egypt and get the people of Israel.

God will not let you and I lead His troops without help. He not only will send someone who can healpbyou convince the folk that your the best candidate for the task, God will cause His miraculous power to remain with you for as long as it takes to get from one point of reference in time to the other.

The Lord knows how long it takes and how far it is to go. He promised Moses that He would be with Him to give Him rest through out the daunting task of leading this large troop of elderly folk, injured and children along the dirt paths to the promised Land, through the wilderness and rivers, etc.

The point of this Scripture is the presence that is singular only to God. He, Himself shall be with you as you go along the path.

This presence is the driving force that carries us to the promised Land. We are captured by His divine nature. We cannot turn away from our own excitement as we flourish inside the presence of the Creator.

Moses has the best first hand experience that he needs to press towards the truth.


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