Dead Bodies

Romans 8:10 If Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin, yet the spirit is alive because of righteousness.


Your alive more when your dead. Sorry, that is the only way to explain what I’m hearing in my heart today.

We live because we have died to the flesh and all of it’s desires. Many people don’t have the mindset to understand what the Word of the Lord has brought us to in our faith walk.

To live is for Christ, but to die is really where we gain our lives in Him. As long as we are breathing the air God gives, we are to be examples and stewards of this life of faith. Once we have served in this fashion, we step into our real skin if you will. The Spirit being awakens our soul that we may walk in the invisible with the Lord our God forever.

Get rid of this notion that you are alive in the flesh being and open your eyes in the Eternal that’s when you and I will surely enjoy what the Lord has given us.

It’s the Spirit we should nurture and grow, not the bellies of this greedy flesh and selfishness that surround us within it’s shell.

Sins is the weight that so easily besets us. It has deceived us and caused us to protect ourselves against the Lord.

When you have tasted the evil nature that sin gives off, we don’t want to let that adrenaline go. If we desire to live with the Lord for all Eternity, we have to stop feeding this flesh all these lies.

The flesh cannot go where Christ is. The soul and Spirit can only travel beyond the realms. Your intellect and the knowledge you possessing shall be lifted into the light.

I know it can sound mystical and full of fantasy. Yet, this is the truth we all must come to understand. Our minds equal our soul, that is who we truly are, not the flesh you see in your bathroom mirror.

Your more than a bag of bones string together to carry the weight if difficulties of life and faith, trying to find true love. When love is God. Christ is the results of the Father’s truest live for mankind.

Get into the love of God for His Son, and gain the whole world and much more. It’s not about stuff, it’s about time.


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