Ministering Spirits

Hebrews 1:14
Are not the angels ministering spirits, sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?


The Lord has protected His Son, even on the Cross. He continues to protect the Sons assets, those in whom the Son have set free.

He causes the Angels to keep you and I, not because we are the greatest gift to the Body of Christ, but because His salvation He placed upon us through His spilled blood. We are covered by the host of Angels that the Father has sent on our behalf.

As long as we maintain our salvation, and do not put it aside for wordly pleasures. The Lord God gives His Angels charge over those who are saved.

Now we must make sure that we are inheriting, possessing, and living in salvation to receive this protection detail from Heaven.

God not only sends those Angelic Celestial beings to protect, but He is good at assigning those earthen Angels of flesh.

Mother’s and Father’s, or siblings and relatives that God set in place to protect the innocent and abused.

He promised that He would not leave us alone. After Israel had be rescued from their place of bondage, the Lord walked them home to the land that He had already established was theirs from their forefsther Abraham.

God is walking with us even when we don’t feel protection from the Creator, there is always an angel near to gaurd in case of danger. Don’t you worry bout a thang, it’ll be all over in the morning.


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