Learning Through Sufferings.

It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes. PS. 119 71


It was good for me to go through something difficult, just so I could learn what the Law of the Lord expects for me.

You do not learn what you already know, you learn from things that are unknown to you, things that require your ability to understand through hardship and struggle.

We learned that the love of the Lord was true towards us, because we were separated by our own sins and lusts that left us empty and abandoned.

We in up going through because of how we see things in our personal walk. God wants perfection, but we want to give him our inabilities. We excuse ourselves because we are human, and we only see error.

I must remind you and I of our commitment to the Lord. Once we have confess, and excepted the Lord Jesus into our hearts, we no longer have the option of walking outside of His favor. Whom the Lord has set free, is free indeed, there is no in between.

We can now stop leaning on inability and lean on His ability to save and set free. We don’t need to be embarrassed because we have indulged in dishonestys. God mercy endures forever and to all generations.

If we have to suffer a while, all it takes is coming to the Lord and cleansing ourselves in His Blood.

The has covered the multitude of our sinfilled ways, but remember Grace should not be taken for granted.


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