His Strength

King James Bible
Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually.

1 Ch.16:11


If you find His peace, you’ll be much happier. You have to stop letting the nouns in life take you out of your position.

It is because of people that we are so easily moved and full of emotions.

Rely on the strength of God’s Word to see you through the tough stuff. We should not take advice from people who aren’t together in their ourselves. Advice on cooking and getting somewhere may work, but to get their opinion on how things should be done in your relationships should be put in the no worries pile of life.

Everyone’s relationships are different and the Word will give you the right information if you and I would listen to it. In other words, be in His face about everything that you will encounter.

God made us independent, but He also wants us to call upon Him day and night. Even if it is just to talk about our day. Open dialogue with the Lord in Spirit.

I say don’t even stop praying and communication with the Savior. Just keep the line open after all there are no long distant charges when you call from a private line to a private line.


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