His Completed Word

JPS Tanakh 1917

Isa. 55:11
So shall My word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: It shall not return unto Me void, Except it accomplish that which I please, And make the thing whereto I sent it prosper.


God has not ever lied to you on anything He promised you. If you heard from Him and it did not carry out according to what you heard Him say directly to you. Then it wasn’t what He said, but what you thought He spoke unto you that was not true.

God can not lie and He is not man that He needs to repent for what He has said, because His Words have weight and complete it’s task.

Men lie to you everyday and let’s be honest, we even lie to ourselves, but the Word of God has never lied to you are me. If He sent a Word in your favor, then you know there must be a criteria that you must meet before the Word is performed properly in your walk.

God’s Word bring prosperity and growth to those who adhere to the specifications of that Word He has spoken unto you.

The Word is planted within your ground and begins to grow into a mature fruit that you can pick and begin to receive the nourishment that comes through the rightly spoken Word in your life.

The scripture before says it rains and snows and those waters are coming to replenish the earth and accomplishes what they must for the harvest that comes there after. God’s Word is more better and has lasting affect upon the soul existence of men that they can live for all eternity.


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