Your true friends.

24There are “friends” who destroy each other,

but a real friend sticks closer than a brother

Proverbs. 18:24


Do you really want to hurt me, do you really want to make me cry? How could a friend be so heartless and selfish, or cold blooded towards another person, is beyond my comprehension.

If the Lord has truly as cute as some of us Christians are in our journey, we would not have received the salvation of God ourselves.

In just thank the Good Lord that He can decipher the difference between loyalty and faker from those who says they are His children.

The crazy thing is, we all seem to think we are the true believers in Christ that the Bible speaks of.

Yet, this Scripture is talking about true friends and those who throw you under the bus, and you know they do. Honesty is received better from someone who loves you and has been a friend to you everytime you dealt with them, good and bad. Not this twisted love through people who only are your friend for constant gossip to take back and forth to the real friend that those sidewinder and backstabbers truly respect and honor.

True friends are not there to see you fall. They are there to pick you back up again and again if necessary. Christ is this kind of true natured friend, even though He is not currently in the flesh to sit in the same room with you. His Spirit is powerful enough to fill the room with His mighty presence and you don’t have to feel alone, or abandoned by anyone.

There are people who just have no other better thing to do in their lives, then to start mess and watch you and I squirm our way out of it, because they need to feed off of our troubles to make themselves Deena’s of what they are dealing with is small compared to your situation.

Yes, there are people who come around to hear your complaint so they can carry and babe it to the next person on their gossip list. Some have prayer lists and others have gossip lists that are written on the back of their prayer list, which might have the same names as on the front. Lol.

There are those who start the mess, and take your words to and from place to place to spread the germs among those you might even know.

Falling out happen because someone you trusted carried your problem to someone else and the person you think it is, had nothing to do with the spread of the disease in your life.

There are rumor carriers, tail barriers the Lords Words calls them. In other words they spread gossip and lies, it they even tell portions of fact, which should have been kept confidential, but they were not the ones you needed to share that portion of your story with.

They weren’t designed to be your counselor, Jesus has a select group you can go to through Him. That is the right direction, everyone is not called to bare yeah up the burdens of the saints. You can tell by the mess it causes in the Body of Faith.


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