Our Plans, or His?

1We can make our own plans,

but the LORD gives the right answer

Proverbs. 16:1


What are your plans if things don’t work out any longer?

Will you go back to the drawing board and pull out your notes and study the patterns of successful movement that God has given you before? Or, will you just sit down and wait for something to hit you in the head, via accidental enlightenment?

This Scripture is about us asking the Lord God for the directions that we should take, and the fortitude to not be afraid when He tells you to step out of the boat that keeps you comfortable and safe.

He will not put more on you than you can’t stand to deal with, but that Scripture doesn’t say that He will not put anything on you and that’s it.

The Word in that context is sharing with us that God will expect us to be strong enough to withstand some type of pressure and hold up the Blood Stained Banner during the battle.

It is not the same as going on the side lines and waving a cheer to the loosing team, which happens to be your troops. That occurs because we all try to avoid being stretched by the Spirit.

Faith requires a stretch before you can fully utilize all of its benefits. Many try to move mountains, but have not moved an ant hill first.

Work on your any hill, before you try to use power that you have no business wielding.

Young David couldn’t use Kings Saul’s sword and shield, he had to use the tools that he was familiar with, that he was an expert in to defeat the giant that came up against him.

When it is our plans, that is why they fail. When it is God’s plan, it teaches us and we learn something more before we are through.

You can’t test God’s knowledge. He is a genius in getting you acquitted from judgment. The cheat code to life and to love and righteousness.

Let’s do something about getting more of this rightness upon our lives, so we don’t miss the Trumpet sound that saves us.

God has the answer. Make that you plan.


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