Me Too.

King James Bible
Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ

1 cor. 11 :1


Paul says, I won’t sell you a bag of useless goods if your following the Christ in him. Only deal with those you see Christ in. Not those who are just being humanly honest, and putting error in front if faith. Follow those who have sinned and no longer practice doing those deeds before God and men. Yes, we all have sinned and yes, we have issues that must be worked on before we see the Lord in His return, but we are not telling to u no need thing and doing another.

Do not preach and live less a life your preaching about. Now, that one hit your boy directly in the head. We cannot be one way but walk another way as if we are not people of light.

The Word digs deep, and searches the refined parts of our soul. That we might be in shape to run this race that has been given.

Follow those who speak the truth according to love and meekness. Not those who are preachy and hateful undertones exude from their lips. They speak down to your circumstance and wonder why it is that you haven’t gotten that simple thing yet. We all have been given a plan from the Masters book to follow and no other should we listen to. The Spirit leads us to all Righteousness.

Paul persecuted the believers in the very beginning of the Church, but once his eyes were enlightened by the Holy Spirit, he turned against the event and joined on our side. So, if you and I are on the Lord side, then we don’t do things that lead others to damnation.

We are not trying to manipulate believers into the faith, but by example shall we show them how we live by faith regardless of our personal struggles and anxieties. We wait upon the goodness of God to carry us through. Once you have learned to trust in God, through it all you go with joy wrapped around your heart.


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