The Power Source.

King James Bible
And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

My 28 18


Who has all the power in your relationship? Is it you, or someone else? I pray that it is the Lord for sure. If Christ doesn’t have power in your life, then that might be a problem for you when you face opposition of the enemy.

Christ needs to drive the ship in your lives, miss lady Grace of Anointed House of Glory preached on Sunday, about the ships that we need to get in order, tip top shape and fully manned.




And so on.

There are so many ships in our harbor that we damaged from years of exposure to foolish attacks from pirates that have boarded our lives and have shipwrecked our hearts.

We cannot take the power and authority from the King of Kings and let the devil have permissions to enter and go as he pleases, but we limit the motion of the Savior in our midst because He has requirements that we should adhere to expressly.

If you and I really need and advocate to be the go between us and the Father in judgement. We do not need to push Him aside and try to defend ourselves. We don’t know the fullness of God’s Law as we should. We need His help to make sure we don’t get a sentence of judgement against us into the Lake of the Pit of Fire and Damnation. I don’t want to die for all eternity. I long to live.

Why not live in Christ and be done with this whole life expectancy thing. This earthly desire trip that leaves us without and even more desperate and longing for more.

King Solomon said it, it vanity, all of this is emptiness and has no real value in the end. I just will not turn from the solid foundation of truth in the Lord Jesus and let anything go on because I now believe that what I know has proved to be something I am unaware of when it comes to my Creator God and King.

I am not turning against the Savior in no way at all. I want to live. The one who can cause that to be true and lasting is the Son of the Living God. Jesus Christ is the right person for my life and I will pursue Righteousness all of my days, and I won’t turn back now.


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