No Words Say Alot

And he answered him to never a word; insomuch that the governor marvelled greatly

Matt. 27:14


Can you imagine what the Lord has been through to get to this point where He chooses not to say a word.

If we could just be like the Lord here when people falsely accused us of something we had not done.

Just don’t say anything, and say everything in silence. You can tell your child everything they need to understand by saying nothing just staring at them let’s them know what they should not do.

Christ just said nothing, but in that He spoke volumes to a man who understood depth. If many people would just not say anything, and let their deeds speak for them, there would be less stress for everyone involved.

We don’t have to protect our image, it’s the Lord image that we look like anyway, so if people have a problem with you, maybe they might have a problem with who God made you to be and not the you they see.

Jesus is being persecuted for speaking what the Father gave Him. It is not your fault the Lord have you a Word that others can’t take, so they persecute and mock what you have to say, or berate you among others as a sign of dishonor to you.

They will not support the truth that your speaking, but they will defend their position on the subject matter.

I often wonder, will people actually tell the Lord, I hear what your saying Lord but you know me, I just got to be myself and you understand me like this, but what we don’t realize is, the Lord set boundaries that we all must remain in and adhere to as genuine believers of the true and living way.

When your being persecuted, put your hands up and surrender to the Lord, don’t put up your fists and fight, especially when it doesn’t have nothing to do with the fight of faith.


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