Enjoy Your Meal.

2Wise words will win you a good meal, but treacherous people have an appetite for violence.

Proverbs 13:2


We gain so much when we are true friends of Godly wisdom. People will pay your way, when they can rely on what you have said.

Our past testimonies and moments that we have given what others might call advice, but true believers call, ministry, have caused the persons that you ministered to, to back you up on your words.

We can do so much damage, if we speak from our experiences alone, but the minute we couple our experiences with God’s Word and turn it into helps. We can win a soul to the Lord.

Let people know that you at one point in your walk had difficulties trusting the agenda of the so called church, and then maybe they can begin to look at the individuals and not the entire group.

This meal may be truly about sitting down and communing with another person, but it really is about being able to digest the presence of the Holy one as well, when He feeds you the right Word for the right person at the precise timing in their lives.

They will buy you a meal 5 days in a row just to get through this cheap counseling session. Saving them money and heart ache from sitting with some professional who only has a heart when it goes towards their pocket and time limit setup. Nothing wrong with the professional counselor, because we need them just as much as we need a medical doctor to look into our fleshly needs for healthy living. We definitely should have a clear head in life too.

We are not to stir up strife and drama. If we are in the middle of passing latest news tabloid information about he said and she said, then we should truly be ashamed of ourselves for being what the Bible calls. A tail barrier.

There are children on my route who pick on this one little kindergartner because when he can’t have something his way, he tells on them. I don’t know why they can not understand that they sit in the seats directly behind mine, and that I don’t already know what they are doing. But, they call him a tattle teller, because they do not give him any of their candies and snacks that they come from school with, and he begins to snitch. One kindergartner said, you know snitches get stitches, and I said, not on this bus.

I supposed that is why I said that little story, was to associate it with part B of our Scripture. That those who are in the wrong love violence, and they plan their days around the tabloids of their daily existence. When we are looking forward to the conclusion of a person’s struggle and we don’t give them help through ministerial counsel that is full of Godly wisdom, we are at fault to some degree when that person’s life begins to fail and they are over run by the circumstances of a surrounding enemy.

Let’s get on the ball here Saints. You never know, if you give good wisdom tooth people, how much they would appreciate your time and effort, and be a blessing to your stomach.


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