Yeah, Happy.

King James Bible
Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD

PS. 144:15


If your happy and you know it. Clap your hands. Don’t let this world filled with people, be the excuse that gets you kicked out of Heaven before you even enter there in.

I’m not moved enough to let someone steal my joy. There is no drama so big in my life that I am turned from the peace of God that surpasses understanding, because that peace of God is my shelter and strength, so I’m not just going to give it to everyone to trample upon.

My head doesn’t ache because people work my nerves, my head aches because my sodium is to high and I need to eat right. That’s the answer to my problems. Making sure that I am inwardly pleasing to the Lord and not just a believer outwardly.

Whose hope are in the Lord the maker of Heaven and Earth? If my hope is inn the Lord then why should I worry or fret because what others say and do?

I am that people, who the Scripture refers to here, who rely upon God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Who also is the Father and King Jesus Christ. I am a people who find satisfaction in doing the work of the Savior and I don’t need extra attractions to peel my eyes away from.

I fight for what I believe. I stand firm on that foundation that was laid by my Grandmother Elnora and my Mother Leta. Just as Timothy to Paul, who was a son in the Spirit, I gather information from those who are my elders and shepherds to help me press towards better marks in Christ.

This makes me happy right here, being able to share this thought with you and encourage your soul. It is not about prestige and the uppity mentality that comes along with the Bishopric and Doctorates. I cannot thrive in Christ being fake and evil minded.

I get hot thinking over where the Lord carried me and my family from, and what He brought usbthrough over the years. This makes me that people who are happiest with Jesus alone. I don’t need the fancy high life to make it. All I need is the Saviors love and care over my life and I will be just as haply as I can be.


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