Acquire knowledge

Proverbs 18:15 ESV

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.


There is a limit to what we all know, so that one person does not take over everyone else.

This does not apply to the Lord our Creator. This is a safety mechanism for those who are smart and quick in understanding.

We all must advance ourselves in knowledge and wisdom, and no one person owns all the information.

Because we rely on technology to answer the unanswerable. The statements we gather are all still just basic theory, unless proven by tests and trials.

Doctors know certain medicine works for particular ailments because they have tested people with conditions that fit the criteria of their hypothesis.

Science of outer space is based upon strong visual facts and a few men and web who have taken the journey out of space. Yet, we must all trust what has been given to us as fact and not guessing games from those who made so many mistakes that what they give us to believe is the in fact truth.

How do we apply what we have learned of the Lord and the Scripture unless we trust by the many examples of testimonies we have heard and made of our won volition.

The Word of the Lord tells us to ask God when we lack anything. Many of us do not ask God for whatever reason that may be, but it will not be His fault when we struggle and do not have because we did not ask Him.

It is our own doing when we negate the proper steps to get from one place of doubt, to a place of belief.

I do trust the Word of the Living God without a doubt. Yet, I must also try God and prove His Word in my own life. That He is a rewarded of those who diligently seek Him in everything.

I cannot put off what I have been chosen to do, and then sit in my corner and sulk because I don’t have anything to show for the faith that I have said I have in Christ.

It will take a level of faith applied as equal to the level of works that I do in the name of Christ my Savior.

I will not just sit with my hands under my legs afraid to press forward because of inner fears that creep up for the lack of things that my flesh wants to appease it’s desires.

The Lord has spoken to us all, and given each one an assignment, but it is that individual who allows the side tracking of life to pull him/her off the case that God gave them to pursue something that may not be worth it in the end.
Many of us will not find the end of our sorrows until we suffer for what we have chosen for a time.

We have to be in a place and at a particular time in our lives when we are truly ready to hear what the Spirit of God has to say to is that would only at that time make sense. Right now it may not register to you what He has to say.

One day when your at your highest, or lowest estate, the Spirit of God will have the opportunity to reach into the depth of your heart and truly speak freely.

Let wisdom that you seek speak.


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