What You Can Do.

With God’s help we will do mighty things,
for he will trample down our foes.


There are a lot of things we cannot do in Scripture, but there are things that we are able to do in the favor of the Lord.

We can do all things, if those things are done in the Lords service. We are not separate from the Savior. We are supposed to be in oneness with the Spirit, and not on our own platform.

When you or I run our own campaigns, that is the reason we lose the battle. If we want to win in life, we need to make sure we have the support of the King to be an elected official in the work as service of our Lord.

We have heard so much about making our country great and fantastic, but in all of the back lash that have come up ever sense the beginning of this administration.

I have to say that just because we have the permission to do a thing, it does not give us the power to just be careless with our lives and our responses. Especially if we represent God in any way with what we have been assigned to do.

People mostly recall only what you should have done with your life, and very few leave here having completed their assignments.

Even the enemy knows that we are not always out there working for the Lord. He is familiar with his own when they are working their agenda and not that if Godliness and goodness., because you just can’t be a good persimmons not apply it to something Godly. That is where your life counts for something, when it is filled with Godly principles and not selfish motives.

To live is Christ, to die is gain. So, who do you and I live this life for? What are you getting out of your agenda, that can’t be provided for through Godly activities?

God pays well, but He rewards even better than He pays. I would suggest the rewards of service and not always what you can store up in dividends. That only ends with hot tears that aren’t really supported by water from your flesh, but that dry faced cry that looks fake, but it really hurts. That’s what a life lived in the damned university gets you. We should not master the qualities of flesh living over the utility of Spirit living.


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