Back To The Struggle

Back To The Struggle.

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Dr. M. L. Craddock Sr.

Fear, and shame causes men to turn back to Egyptian bondage. Back to the world where we are held captive by the enemy.

Exod. 13:17-18

Then it came to pass, when Pharoah had let the people go, that God did not lead them by way of the land of the Philistine, although that was near; for God said, lest perhaps the people change their minds when they see war, and return to Egypt. So, God led the people around by the way of the wilderness of Red Sea.


  • When we cried to be saved from our bondage. The inner moans of the Spirit, that some of us couldn’t hear from screaming at our problems so loud.

  • We must not return to the scenes that held us indifferent to what is righteous.

  • Stop touring the old stomping grounds of bondage going through the memories of the past.

  • Do not be as Lot’s wife who could not let go of what had mesmerized her about flesh.

  • She was fascinated with how they could use their bodies so freely. She yearned for what the world offered, because it drew her flesh hunger.

  • We must stay out of places that draw our fleshly attractions.

  • We have to avoid people who have a strong pheromones that we cannot resist. They are strong scents that we have no choice but to be drawn to.

  • We have to make sure our bodies do not become the product of worldly desires, and misused to the point of failure.

God is not the one who leads us into bondage right after we get out of one. He leads to life in righteousness, even though you and I might think it is the longest route. God sees it as saving us from being destroyed by another enemy.

It is in our own nature to go from one struggle to the next bcause we do not get the direct route from the Lord He has ordered for us to go. We stop having ears that hear, and the Spirit to recognize the Lords voice through our anguish.

Many people go from from bad situation to another all because we do not have the ears to hear the Spirit lead us. The Spirit will not yell above your own screams. He will not force His way into your mind and heart, even though He could. God doesn’t molest us. He doesn’t usurp the authority that He actually holds. Thank the Lord for being good like that to His creation. Letting us actually grow up, busy experienceing our own way in life.

God has a master plan for where He wants you to go, but you and I are to stubborn and disrespectful to hear it from Him. We need Christ to translate the Spirit of righteousness, so we may receive of the Lord. We need the Lord Jesus example of living this Holy life before the Father. Prayer and setting ones self aside on purpose, is what the Lord did daily. Christ was always found by the Disciples in a quiet place with His Father in communion. We need to go and put ourselves in the presence of the Father in humility.

Without the Lamb in place to take our place on the Altar, we would be consumed by the vehement compassion of our Creator God, and seen no more. Yet, He loves us enough to create in us a renewed and right Spirit.


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